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Navy men add hilarious dance to Christmas song

Who doesn’t love listening to Christmas music during the holiday season? Everywhere you go (literally everywhere) you can hear classics like “Jingle Bells,” “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” and Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You.”

There’s a different song that’s also become a holiday favorite – as it has a fun twist of humor, along with a heaping dose of truth too. We’re talking about “The Christmas Can-Can!”

You might not hear “The Christmas Can-Can” as often as many of the other classics.

However, once you listen to it, it becomes a tune you want to replay every holiday season, multiple times. It’s just that funny.

So, what is “The Christmas Can-Can?”

The song was created by one of the founding members of Straight No Chaser, Walter Chase.

The top-selling a cappella group popularized “The Christmas Can-Can,” which shines a hilarious light on various aspects of the holiday season.

On the song’s website, it gives the following description:

“The Christmas Can-Can comically portrays the phenomenon of the holiday season arriving earlier and earlier every year. The song also pays homage to Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, describing the commercial imbalance of their celebrations, in comparison to Christmas.”

To get even more enjoyment out of “The Christmas Can-Can,” you really have to watch it being performed by a musical ensemble.

Straight No Chaser brought their Christmas tune to life on stage with moves that went along with the comical lyrics.

Other groups have followed in their footsteps as well – including the band in the video below!

Those attending the United States Navy Band’s holiday concert were in for a real treat…

The Navy’s musical organization has been around since 1925, with their band being considered “one of the world’s finest military bands.”

They perform at all types of events and entertain crowds around the holidays too.

In 2014, five members of the Navy Band took the stage dressed in their “ugly” Christmas sweaters.

Surely the evening was filled with classics, but they had the privilege of being able to perform the laugh-inducing “Christmas Can-Can!”

These singers are as fun to watch as they are to listen to.

Many of us crack jokes about how early Christmas decor hits store shelves and the overplaying of holiday music.

No song captures these ideas better than “The Christmas Can-Can.”

It’s hard to keep a straight face listening to the funny lyrics, especially watching the guys’ facial expressions and movements as they sing.

Get ready for lots of “shopping, shopping, shopping,” Christmas trees in October, and of course, Tiny Tim!

Like icing on the cake, all the Navy Band members have incredible voices too.

One viewer commented:

“Hilarious. Great voices gentlemen. Thank you for your service.”

What “can-can” performance would be complete without some “can-can” dancing?

A highlight of “The Christmas Can-Can” comes in the form of a kickline.

The Navy Band members don’t disappoint! They grab a hold of each other’s shoulders and hilariously do some synchronized kicking.

The band’s amusing performance has been putting a smile on people’s faces since it was uploaded.

One YouTube user commented:

“I can’t watch this and not laugh my butt off!!! “‘I’m gonna get some Chinese food…” I’m rolling on the floor!!!!!”

Another person wrote:

“I had to watch it twice, I enjoyed it so much. Move over Rockettes, these Guys have you beat. Loved it.”

You can watch the Navy Band take on “The Christmas Can-Can” for yourself below!

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