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Navy spots group of tiny survivors on sinking ship just in the nick of time

The sea is not the best place for cats because they are not the biggest fans of water.

We all know cats. They hate to be wet, though we can really never speak in general.

There are cats who hate water and there are also some cats who love it.

With all these beliefs and maybe misconceptions about cats, the majority of us would say that they really do not want to get wet too often.

Unfortunately, these cats didn’t have much choice in the matter.

Can you imagine a cat in the vast water of the sea? Or shall I put that in a different way?

What do you think a cat feels in the middle of the sea while it is trapped on a burning ship that’s sinking inch by inch every minute?

They can’t tell us what they feel exactly, but this paints a pretty detailed picture.

The incident happened just a few days ago approximately 13 kilometers from the beautiful island of Koh Adang in Thailand. A shipping boat called Phamonsin Nava 10, unfortunately, caught fire!

The boat took in enough water to flip it sideways with its other half dipped in the sea.

Luckily, another shipping vessel was passing nearby and was able to rescue a total of 8 crewmen from the sinking boat.

All of them were brought to safety.

However, they’re not the only passengers on the boat.

Soon, six members from the Royal Thai Navy set sail to investigate near the sunken shipping vessel to look for possible oil spills or anything that would lead them to the cause of the fire.

Turns out, as they were searching, they found a few more survivors from the ship that were left behind.

There were four cats desperately clinging to the sinking ship.

They can’t say a word but they’re obviously in desperate need of help.

Photos of the stranded felines were shared on social media and they were all wet and curled up on some wooden blocks.

They all look so frightened and dehydrated.

Battling against time, one member from the Royal Thai Navy carried on a mission to save them and to put the poor cats’ agony to an end.

The officer who was soon identified as Tattaphon Sai, fearlessly dove into action to save the trapped felines.

It was a “purr-fect” rescue operation!

Thankfully, reports said they incurred no injuries from the unfortunate incident.

In the meantime, the Royal Thai Navy is taking care of the felines.

They even shared pictures of them together with the survivor cats on their Facebook fan page.

A lot of people commended the brave members of the Royal Thai Navy for taking immediate action to save the trapped cats.

Facebook user Kelsey Fahy wrote:

“Thank you for rescuing these sweet babies!”

Krystian Mirota commented:

“Thank you for rescuing these lovely cats! You are heroes!”

And Edward Saenz penned a sweet message:

“You guys are awesome! Great men do great things for all life! Thank you!”

The Royal Thai Navy puts the rescue into a short but meaningful message, “Because every life counts.”

We couldn’t agree more with that and we’re sure every pet owner agrees to that too!

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