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Nervous abandoned puppy finds comfort in baby and finally rests

Callie is a presumed Pit Bull/Catahoula mix that a family found tied to their fence back in 2012.

It just so happened that both their family’s baby and Callie were three months old at the time.

Without good owners to raise her during her formative months, she wasn’t very trusting and didn’t seem to like falling asleep around people. But it appears the newborn posed no risk.

According to the site I Love My Dog So Much, Callie had been alone for days and she was tired, hungry, and confused. They’ve also identified the name of the baby as Ian.

In the video, Ian’s parents discuss trying to make Callie more at home, and they put her down next to the other resident baby all decked out in her new collar and leash.

She must be so confused about what’s going on – the poor puppy!

Ian is fast asleep in his cute dinosaur blanket, so he isn’t disrupting the moment.

They’re just looking to see what Callie will do. And it appears she likes the baby very much.

First, she watches him and seems to find him an acceptable nap buddy.

As she sidles up closer, the pooch can barely keep her eyes open and blinks heavily – she can barely keep up her head.

After nearly falling into a nap, she gives Ian a little sniff and deems him worthy of a closer snuggle and moves in a bit closer.

Then we see those sweet puppy dog eyes look at dad, almost as if to make sure she’s allowed to be doing what she’s doing.

After all, there’s a good chance no one has ever shown her much affection before.

But she seems to know she’s pretty safe despite there being a couple of people in the house that she still wants to keep an eye on (you can hear at least two women in the background and dad seems to be manning the camera to catch this sweet moment).

A couple of times it appears she might just crash land on her side and fall into a deep, restorative sleep. But she’s fighting it hard.

Dad asks “do you not know how to lay down, honey?” – and at the very least she seems unsure how to snuggle even though she really wants to share a blanket with Ian.

But Callie figures it out and moves around to the other side of the infant.

Then, in a moment of peak cuteness, Callie finally lays down. But not only does she make it onto her belly, but she also puts her head atop Ian’s.

He’s clearly a non-threatening creature (just wait ’til she hears what a baby can do later on!).

Our hearts are officially melted as the two babies cuddle together.

Callie still has her eyes on dad to make sure she’s not about to get in trouble, but the tone of his voice was clearly kind and while we can’t see him he must be giving her the ok.

Within seconds, the sweet little rescue is sound asleep with her new best friend.

Of course, when dogs do cute things, everyone wants to see, so people come over, which immediately disturbs the puppy.

Ian is out for the count so he knows nothing about what’s going on around him.

Even though she changes head positions a few times, she knows she’s safe with the baby.

We just really hope everyone left her alone for a while so she could really get some rest after this!

In the end, it looks like Callie’s new home worked out smashingly for her.

Four years later, the family posted an update on the two best friends that showed them playing together and we couldn’t be happier to see that Callie clearly got the life and best friend she deserved.

The sweet video of Callie’s first moments at home with baby Ian has been viewed a whopping 112 million times since it was uploaded in 2012.

Be sure to scroll down below and see it for yourself.

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