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Newborn baby horse hilariously chases man around pen

Horses are beautiful animals. The differing breeds can range in color and agility.

Yet, no matter the breed, when a person sees a horse running at full pace one word that comes to mind is majestic.

Whereas, miniature horses majestic might not be the first word that comes to mind. A word that might come to mind is adorable.

Mini horses seem to get more and more mini with every new birth. The smaller they get the more adorable they stay.

But wait, are you wondering what is the different between a miniature horse and a pony! Don’t worry, most of us are wondering the same thought.

A Pony is a different breed altogether. Horse Illustrated describes ponies as having “shorter legs, wider barrels, and a thicker neck”…

“Miniature Horses, on the other hand, are currently bred to resemble a full-sized horse on a smaller scale.

A much smaller scale. According to the American Miniature Horse Association, (AMHA), they must be under 34 inches up to the last hairs at the base of the mane at their withers (Minis are measured in inches rather than hands).

The current miniature horse is bred to be more refined than the pony, with a long, flexible neck, straight legs, and a short back.”

And rarely would the general public get to observe a miniature horse from the comfort of their own home…until now.

This truly adorable video of one recently born miniature horse has captured the heart of the internet.

Not just because of its bite-sized gallops, but because of what it’s galloping to.

The horse is only three days old, yet it has already found its playful personality.

In particular, it gets a real kick out of chasing its friend around the pen.

This isn’t a fellow mini horse however, rather a fully grown man by the name of “Sterling”.

Well Sterling, it might be adorable at three days old but this little buddy is only going to get faster with every day.

Sterling may be able to outrun his new mini horse now, but maybe not for long (unless he can run faster than 18 miles per hour in flip flops!)

This horse can not get enough of its buddy!

As Sterling paces around the pen, this gumption-full horse gives him a run for his money, or at least a run for his size. He has found his new legs and he is ready to use them!

Sterling lets him catch up, and, yes it is possible, the little miniature horse becomes even more adorable.

When the foal catches up to Sterling, she joyfully rubs against him demanding cuddles. She wants playtime and cuddle time.

Human babies take so long to learn to walk and function, but not horses or miniature horses!

Given that this foal is only three days old, it’s remarkable that it is already fully capable of running, and running well.

She does not only want to run but she enjoys chasing games even more. She is going to be a little trouble maker.

Meanwhile during all the fun, the foal’s mother watches on.

Grace, a miniature horse herself watches on contently.

You can tell that she trusts her breeders while she closely observes her recent offspring frolicking with them.

She might trust her breeders but she is still a new mom that cannot take her eyes of her baby.

It does’t seem to just be the chase she enjoys, but catching Sterling.

That’s because when she eventually does catch up to him, she gets scratches and cuddles, which she really seems to enjoy above all.

Well, this foal may never really get “big”, it will surely grow up to be a beautiful miniature horse like her mom.

And if she keeps chasing people like this, she’ll probably be pretty fast too! So long as they keep these cuddles going I suppose…

Watch the full video below to enjoy this adorable foal frolicking!

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