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Officer says farewell to beloved K9 partner of 8 years with beautiful radio call

When it was time for his K9 partner to retire, this officer decided to give him a memorable farewell.

Faust, a German Shepherd, has had an illustrious career spanning eight years with the BNSF Police Department in Texas.

Serving in the Explosives Detection and Patrol Department, Faust has responded to countless calls and has even been recognized for his exceptional service.

In 2015, he and his partner, Senior Special Agent Bryan Schaffer, secured second place in obedience at the National Railway Police K9 Trials.

Faust also earned fifth place in explosive detection.

Schaffer had an unwavering trust in Faust, who had assisted in hundreds of cases, including a bomb threat at a Wal-Mart.

Together, they meticulously inspected the store, ensuring the safety of all customers and employees.

Schaffer’s bond with Faust was not just professional but deeply personal; he trusted his canine partner with his life.

However, after eight years of dedicated service, it was time for Faust to retire.
Schaffer, who held a deep affection for Faust, wanted to ensure that his partner’s transition into retirement was memorable and fitting for his years of service.

On the day of Faust’s retirement, the routine seemed no different for the dog.

He hopped into Schaffer’s police car and settled into the passenger’s seat, oblivious to the day’s significance.

The familiar radio crackle caught Faust’s attention, but the message was about him this time.

The radio dispatcher announced, “Faust has just completed his last shift as an explosive detection and police service K-9 after eight years and one day, and he is now officially retired. Faust, thank you for your service.”

This moment was a poignant one for Schaffer, filled with mixed emotions.

He expressed his feelings on his Facebook page: “Faust, thank you for all the good you have done for the BNSF and other agencies – but mostly I thank you for getting us both home safe after every shift.”

Even though Faust was retiring from the force, he wasn’t saying goodbye to Schaffer.

After his retirement, Schaffer officially adopted Faust, ensuring that the dog could enjoy a relaxed and comfortable life in his home.

After Faust retired, he and Schaffer embarked on numerous adventures together, forging a strong bond.

Their escapades encompassed various excursions, such as an invigorating hike amidst the scenic Valdez Rocks in California.

Moreover, they reveled in the delight of indulging in uncomplicated joys, such as frolicking in their nearby park.

It appears that Faust has developed a profound affinity for leisurely reclining on the lush green grass!

Throughout his eight years as a K-9 officer, Faust has saved numerous lives and performed his duties with unwavering dedication.

Now, he relishes a well-deserved retirement surrounded by the people he loves.

Faust’s story is a testament to the bravery and dedication of service dogs, and he will always be remembered as a true hero.

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