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Panicked family discover pitbull has already dragged baby out by the diaper during house fire

Sasha, a hero pit bull from Stockton, California, saved a family from a burning house.

A 7-month-old baby girl was trapped in a fire, but Sasha grabbed the baby by her diapers and carried her outside.

It is an incredible example that puts an end to all the sensationalist stories that portray pit bulls as violent dogs.

Pit bulls have had an intriguing title in the past: “America’s Dogs.” Thanks to their loyalty and gentleness, people thought of pit bulls a lot differently than today.

Unfortunately, these dogs are misunderstood today, and most people link them with dog fights and aggressive behavior.

In 2018, a fire caught a part of the fourplex on East Yorkshire Drive, and the flames were spreading quickly.

Nana Chaichanhda, the owner of the house, noticed her pit bull’s strange behavior. Sasha, her 8-month-old dog, wouldn’t stop barking and banging at the back door.

Nana let the dog in, but the dog barked even louder. That’s when Nana noticed that her cousin’s house was on fire and that her home was in danger, too.

She ran to the bedroom to grab her baby, but Sasha was already by the baby’s side.

Chaichanhda didn’t even notice when the dog ran past her and into the bedroom.

Pitbull sensed that the baby was in danger and decided to help. Sasha grabbed baby Masailah’s diapers and tried to drag her off the bed.

Of course, Nana didn’t lose any more time, she took the baby and the dog, and all three left the house on time.

Although fire crews responded within minutes of the 911 call, the fire destroyed most of the fourplex.

Unfortunately, Nana’s house was no longer inhabitable, and she was forced to start the GoFundMe campaign.

People donated more than $6,000, and the campaign finished as a success.

The family has restored their home, and Masailah is a happy little toddler today. If there wasn’t for Sasha, things could have ended a lot worse.

No wonder Sasha wanted to save Masailah so persistently, the two were born within days apart, and they practically grew up together.

“I owe Sasha everything,” Nana said, “I hope my story helps change the negative perception of pit bulls.” She also added that Sasha was always considered part of the family and that she is the hero.

We must say that Sasha acted like a caring, protective nanny in this situation, and the family is lucky to have her.

In an interview with FOX40, Chaichanhda explained that it was one of the rare nights that she left Sasha outside, and it saved everyone’s lives.

There are numerous examples of animals whose bravery saved people’s lives.

Some of the most extraordinary examples of animal saviors are the stories of Mila the Beluga, the elephant Kham La, the rabbit Dory, and Khan the Wonder Dog.

Mila the Beluga saved the diver from drowning. The girl experienced cramps, she was unable to move, and she began drowning at a depth of 20 feet.

Luckily, a whale was there to push her to the surface. Similarly, an elephant grabbed the boy with his trunk and brought him to the surface.

The rabbit helped its owner when he fell unconscious.

The little animal then jumped onto the man’s chest and tapped intensely until the man’s wife noticed. The dog named Khan saved a 4-year-old girl from a venomous snake.

Khan was bitten, but he survived. The list of similar examples is endless. Animals are genuinely miraculous sometimes, and the way they care for us is beyond amazing.

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