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Parents ask grandpa to babysit then receive laugh-out-loud texts while they’re away

Kids that grow up with loving grandparents are very lucky.

After all, there’s no denying that a grandma or grandpa can be the greatest person on the planet – always giving out hugs, kind words, and lots of sweets.

Moms and dads are also very lucky when a grandparent is involved in their kids’ lives.

Not only to help shape them into being good people, but it’s a huge plus when they assist with things like babysitting too.


Stephanie Waterhouse and her husband are very fortunate their son has an amazing grandpa – who’s also willing to babysit overnight.

When the couple was heading out of town, they knew baby Ty would be in good hands with his “Pawpaw.” But while on vacation they began receiving hilarious photos from back home via text.

Stephanie decided to share them with the world, and now the internet is cracking up over them all!

The Waterhouses are a military family. So there’s definitely discipline in the blood.

But they’re not the stiff and strict kind of people though. Not by a long shot as you’ll see.

Stephanie asked her dad, David, if he could stay with their eight-month-old baby so they could go on a trip.

David (aka Pawpaw) happily accepted the babysitting gig and flew up from Dallas, Texas to be with his grandson Ty.

What the couple didn’t know is that he’d cooked up a hilarious surprise for them to enjoy while on their trip.

According to Stephanie, her dad isn’t a very high-tech guy. She explained to GMA that he still carries around a flip phone that doesn’t have access to the internet.

So, when David wanted to send his daughter comical photos of her son Ty, he just had to get a little more creative!

Get ready to laugh at “Memes by Pawpaw.”

The couple began receiving funny photos from the grandpa’s flip phone.

Each one featured Ty lying next to a clever message printed on a piece of paper.

The time David spent planning and rehearsing for this moment must have been so arduous!

This, of course, took some pre-planning for David.

Before he left, he created the messages at home on his computer, because he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to work the family’s printer.

One of them read:

“Dad and Mom – I met a girl. Grandpa said that Godfather Danny would be proud. Love Ty”

How can you not love how creative this is? Plus, it’s super cute seeing that he resorted to printed papers. The old meets the new and it is hysterical!

David doesn’t have a Facebook page and his daughter reports that he’s unaware of “what a meme is.” However, he’s apparently good at making his own from scratch!

Pawpaw even passed over a question from Ty for the parents to ponder on their trip.

“Dad and Mom – We looked at Jeeps today. Can I get a license early? I liked the red one. Love Ty”

Wonder where the kid got his taste in cars from… It’s very… military. Like a real man!

No worries though – the boys didn’t just hang around the house all day.

David took his grandson on a little outing where they snapped a photo of the desired Jeep. Nice choice, kid!

Although it seems like David isn’t very “tech-savvy,” he’s actually got an impressive history.

Stephanie told GMA:

“My dad is a recently retired Dallas Police Officer. He was actually the person who created the database that tracked information for the Dallas Police Department. The FBI took his idea and modeled one of their national databases after the one he created.”

Not bad for an old-timer huh? They’ve put away lots of criminals thanks to the grandpa.

Since her dad is a “funny” guy, Stephanie and her husband weren’t necessarily surprised once the photos started coming in.

One thing they did know for sure was that their son really was in good hands, and they could enjoy their vacation away.

“He [PawPaw] absolutely loves being a grandfather and loves spending time with Ty. I love that I’m able to just relax and know that my son is having the time of his life with his amazing Pawpaw.”

Grandparents really can be the best people in this world. I mean, when do they not put huge smiles on our faces?

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