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Passenger is in tears after watching ‘flight angel’ act sweetly to terrified 96-year-old

Hopping on an airplane isn’t a big deal to a lot of people. In fact, there are countless individuals whose jobs require traveling on a regular basis – meaning they’re probably very comfortable in the air.

But on the other hand, there are also people who are absolutely terrified of flying. So much so, just the mere thought of getting on a plane would make them perspire. To get through a flight, they’d likely need a real “angel” by their side.

One 96-year-old woman found her own “flight angel” when she was traveling from San Diego to Nashville.

The heartwarming story was shared on Facebook by passenger Megan Ashley, who witnessed the whole thing play out in real-time.

Her beautiful account of the moment a young gentleman went out of his way to calm the woman’s nerves and help her through the flight is something that you just have to read.

Megan wrote:

“On my flight from San Diego to Nashville today, sitting in the row next to me was a 96 year old woman who hasn’t flown in 15 years. For her birthday she wanted to go to Kansas City to see her family but she was scared of flying.”

To go more than a decade without flying could make anyone feel a little nervous – so it’s understandable that she was having a difficult time.

However, the woman’s desire to celebrate her birthday with family members living in Kansas City was enough to inspire her to book the ticket anyway. Luckily, a fellow passenger stepped in to assist the scared grandma.

Megan continued:

“She asked for this man’s hand during takeoff and then hugged him again when experiencing turbulence. This gentleman I should say, gladly took her hand, let her hold onto him, calmed her by talking to her and explaining everything that was happening, and simply was that stranger there for her.”

Even though the guy had never met the senior in his life, he didn’t hesitate to lend his support.

“He knew just what to do the entire flight to help. He helped her stand up to go to the restroom and watched her carefully walk down the aisle. It made me smile the whole flight as he comforted her. This man was her flight angel,” wrote Megan.

The term “flight angel” perfectly describes this man, who obviously had a big heart.

The two were complete strangers before the flight, but it didn’t matter. He was there to look out for her the whole trip and assure that she made it through the journey safely.

He could have just as easily ignored the woman’s pleas for help or pawned her off on one of the flight attendants, but he didn’t.

Even after they arrived, he did his best to make sure she got to where she needed to be.

“He held her bag, helped her get off the plane and into the wheelchair, and when she got confused wondering where her daughter went (she called her her sister), he stayed with her until she caught up with her daughter who got separated from her.”

The man asked for nothing in return for his kindness. However, the elderly woman did offer him her bag of in-flight pretzels.

Megan was moved to tears by everything she witnessed that day.

“I walked away sobbing happy tears being so thankful for people like this wonderful human,” she wrote.

After Megan posted the heartwarming story on Facebook it went viral. As of now, it has tens of thousands of shares.

It goes to show that even when the world seems full of negativity – there is still kindness and good people everywhere. Megan had the chance to see it up close and it “made her week.”

“Hats off to you sir, for your kind heart and your compassion toward someone whom you’ve never met. I have never been so touched on a flight before.”

Check out Megan Ashley’s Facebook post below to read her whole story about the elderly woman and the “flight angel.”

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