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Passengers rise from their seats for a beautiful rendition of ‘Stand by Me’

Everyone loves the classic song ‘Stand by Me’ by Ben E King (originally).

It’s not that the song’s upbeat or particularly catchy, it’s just that the lyrics sort of stick with you. It means something to a lot of people.

The song has been covered many times but not quite like this.

Imagine being on a crowded plane, getting impatient about getting home or getting to where you’re going, and a man stands up and starts humming the tune of ‘Stand by Me’.

Don’t lie, at first you would roll your eyes.

Being disturbed on a flight isn’t for everyone whether it’s an annoying seat neighbor or a singing group, but in this scenario, it only gets better and the passengers on the plane are open to it.

While everyone is seated just tolerating the plane ride, one man stands and starts singing ‘Stand by Me.’

He is soon joined by a few other women, and eventually a few more to complete the choir. Then one last singer appears to start the first verse and by this time, there are smiles all around.

Everyone is either pulling out their phone to capture the moment or smiling and singing along.

It’s clear this is no ordinary flash mob. This group, taking over this British Airways flight is called Kingdom Choir and they are pretty well known in the UK.

So well known in fact, that they were asked by Prince Charles to perform at former prince Harry and Meghan Markel’s wedding!

They performed the same iconic ‘Stand by Me’ song for the royal family and everyone invited.

That video alone has gained over 17 million views, putting this honest, talented, gracious group on the map.

But for the airplane-sized performance of the song, it had to be done a little differently.

The singers were more spread out throughout the plane. It was much more casual. And there were fewer singers than usual.

That didn’t take away from the power that these singers brought to the tiny airplane cabin.

You can tell these singers are professionals.

The way their voices come together to make one complete sound is incredible.

Not to mention they are doing it all a cappella, with different parts assigned to different individuals, with a lot of distractions around, and not a single mistake could be heard.

These passengers lucked out with this flight.

Not only is every person on this plane loving every minute of this performance, but so is the staff.

You can see the flight attendants off to the side, smiles on their faces, coming out of the back to witness this magical moment on this plane. One of them is even recording it.

Positivity and music are so refreshing in difficult times.

It doesn’t matter if you were on the plane or watching from YouTube, this will put a smile on your face, or make you want to sing along with the choir.

Watch the full video below to witness the magic!

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