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People laughed when big guy said he could swing dance – then the music started

Looks will always deceive the naked eyes. Especially in the world that we live in today where physical appearance is oftentimes taken as a reflection of someone’s character and even ability.

That’s exactly what happened during the Champions Jack and Jill west coast swing dance competition that took place more than 10 years ago. A guy dancer was initially judged by how he looks.

The people were in total disbelief to see someone like him joining such a competition, what could a guy like him bring on the dance floor?

He is John Lindo and he is not your ordinary-sized swing dancer.

This guy is humongous! He stands tall and weighs in heavier compared to a typical dancer.

At first glance, you would never imagine him being a contestant. With a man of his size, how could he possibly perform to a lively and upbeat type of music?

Little did they know, John is no ordinary swing dancer, and he’s about to show everyone what he is capable of doing once the track starts to play.

You know what they always say, “never judge a book by its cover.”

A big guy with big talent!

John is just as massive as his talent for dancing.

In this video, he wowed the crowd, the judges, and his fellow contestants with his splendidly beautiful performance. It turns out that big John is a talented dancer. You

can consider him a veteran because he’s been dancing for the past two decades and has been a popular figure in the West Coast Swing Circuit.

He made his name incredibly big in the world of dancing. If his credentials didn’t quite impress you, then we dare you to watch this performance of him.

Get ready to be amazed by this BIG guy with a BIGTIME talent!

Do you think he can dance?

The beginning of the video shows John and his partner marching towards the middle of the dancehall.

Before they even start, he did the sign of the cross, then gave his partner a good luck kiss on the forehead.

As soon as the first few beats of the music started playing, John and his partner, Deborah Szekely began busting out their routine. And yes, the big guy was immediately on fire!

He’s so slick and smooth with all the twists and turns. He was so light on his feet and everyone seemed to be shocked by what they were seeing.

Can you see him now?

In the middle part of their routine, John decided to go all out! He laid all his cards on deck as he unleashed the beast within him.

He completely had the song’s lively beat flowing in his veins- he was moving and grooving energetically with the music.

Talking about unbelievable talent? John is, without a doubt, a world-class performer!

In fact, over the years that John has been dancing, he dominated some prestigious dance competitions like the Grand Nationals, U.S. Open, and Phoenix Champion of Champions finals.

He is one formidable opponent on the dance floor.

He’s a huge but charming guy!

Let’s admit it, John is like a different person when he is dancing, as this video shows. His slick moves, fancy footwork, and smooth transitions from each routine- everything was simply amazing.

He looked like he’s having the time of his life. Their performance was a blast, thus resulting in them winning first place in the competition.

Their competitors even ended up cheering for them, how about that? It’s absolute proof that their tandem was the best during that event!

But aside from them, the crowd, the judges, and the people online were also impressed with their performance.

This video has over 6.4 million since it was uploaded.

Watch the video yourself and see the massive talent of John when it comes to dancing.

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