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Photos of recess in the 70s that make you wonder where the time went

If you were a young child in the late 60s, 70s, or early 80s, you know a lot has changed since then.

Things that we used to do as kids are nearly unheard of anymore. Whether it’s playing games that no one knows about anymore, eating foods that are questionable, or wearing bizarre clothes – things were just different back then.

Here are 65 photos of kids in the 70s that prove a lot has changed when it comes to having fun.

Things were simpler back then. Kids had to get creative back in the day.

Lawn darts

How were lawn darts ever a thing? They’re basically a very large version of the kind of darts you’d see at a bar game. We’re certain numerous kids had to have been injured.

Playing Red Rover

We’re sure kids still play this today but it was certainly a staple back in the day. Just careful you don’t get that shoulder ripped out of its socket!

Riding bikes with no helmets

For some reason, safety just wasn’t the priority back in the day. Riding bikes without helmets was completely acceptable.

No seatbelts either

Seatbelts were also optional back in the day. After all, if you drive safe, who needs them, right? Our logic back then was a bit skewed.

Crazy metal play structures

Back in the 70s and 80s, all playground equipment was made with metal. Which got really hot in the sun, so it really wasn’t safe at all.

But they sure were creative back then with their playground themes!

More funky playground equipment

Here’s another playground from the 70s featuring a couple of see-saws and snail-shaped metal climber.

Merry-go-round of terror

Every kid from the 70s remembers recess spent flying around on a metal merry-go-round which could easily send you flying across the yard.

Playing freeze tag

Freeze tag was another game that kids would always play back in the day. Now? They’re more interested in watching Frozen.

Riding in the bed of a pickup truck

Another thing that was common in the 70s and 80s was hopping in the back of a pickup truck without a care in the world. Seatbelts? Who needs them?

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