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Police do challenge, get whole town involved as they “bring the smooth” to Backstreet Boy Song

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The Backstreet Boys song I Want It That Way may be over 20 years old, but these police officers have given it a whole new life.

One of the biggest stereotypes of Canada is that it’s a peaceful, ultra-friendly utopia.

But if that were true, wouldn’t the nation’s police officers have lots of free time on their hands? Well, this video proves that, yes, the Canadian cops do have lots of free time.

But it also shows that they use that free time in the best possible way!

To most of the world, The Backstreet Boys are a half-remembered boyband from the 90s. But to the Canadian police, they are a source of inspiration!

One day, when the police officers of Saskatoon were faced with yet another stretch of Canadian crimelessness, they decided that they would have some fun.

So they devised a hilarious video to accompany the 1999 Backstreet Boys hit I Want It That Way.

The video begins with two Canadian police officers in the station.

One asks to the other if they recognize any of the people in the lineup.

The video cuts to show the lineup filled not with criminals but with other cops.

The cops then talk about how their colleagues in the lineup recently sang a song, I Want It That Way by the Backstreet Boys.

One of the cops then asks the first officer in the lineup to sing the opening line to the song. The first officer sings it without much enthusiasm.

But then it’s the second office in the lineup’s turn to sing. He puts a little more enthusiasm into the performance.

The rest of the cops in the line ups sing a line, but then they all start singing in unison, with real heart.

The video then cuts to the cops on an airfield, and they lipsync to the original song.

One of the cops then gets into a light aircraft and takes to the skies.

Then the video cuts to the cops on a bridge and then to the banks of a river.

They continue singing to the song with amazing timing. Just how long have they been practicing!?

Then the two cops who questioned the lineup are in a dark room with police siren lights behind them. As they sing, plumes of colorful smoke erupt behind them.

The scene cuts back to the large group of cops They’re now walking down some steps outside. One of them slides down the railing.

On the steps, the group of cops meets up with the two cops who were in the dark room.

Then one of the cops is in a doughnut shop, and she sings with a passion to the doughnuts behind the counter.

Then, the two cops from the dark room/very beginning of the video walk through their city with mascots following them.

Eventually, the cops, mascots and members of the public all meet up next to a stretch of road and dance to the song together.

The police department’s local paper, the Saskatoon StarPhoenix soon uploaded this video onto its YouTube channel.

It soon became a hit, gaining almost 250,000 views to date. It also has over 2,400 likes and 150 comments.

Now you know what the Canadian police do during those frequent crime droughts!

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