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Porcupine Thinks He’s A Puppy And Demands Belly Rub

I think all of us can be part puppy some days.

There’s a small part in our body, deep down inside, that has a childlike curiosity and abandon; a desire to play and explore; a willingness to get messy and a need for a good belly rub now and again! And aside from humans, apparently, even porcupines can exhibit puppy-like behavior!

Snickers is a rather large porcupine. He’s got massive quills and is pretty wide and heavy set.

He was brought in to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center after someone had been keeping him as a pet – and he’s no tiny guy.

Also, since being admitted to the center, volunteers have renamed him Stinkers (“[Stinkers] Is that what y’all call him now?” He came in as Snickers, but he doesn’t smell so good.”).

While I’m not sure keeping a prickly animal (who also reeks) the size of a small child as your pet is the best idea, I must say, he does seem to have a lovely demeanor!

Stinkers is now a permanent resident at the center and loves playing with the volunteers.

His cute and cuddly(?) personality shines through and in turn, the volunteers get just as much enjoyment playing with him!

What’s funny, however, is how Stinkers thinks he’s a puppy. Looking at his movements, reactions, and behavior, he acts like a young pup! He’s super affectionate, loves receiving pets, hugs and belly rubs and just can’t stop asking for attention.

Stinkers’ energy level matches that of a puppy too. And he likes to hop around and climb on his back paws.

He’s trying to climb one of the volunteers too before falling on his back to get a rub.

“He’s being all affectionate and trying to climb you…that’s so neat,” says one of them.

Moments later, he pulls back and finds something on the floor to get into, and becomes distracted.

He then gets riled up, spinning in circles like he’s chasing his tail.

This porcupine is very excited and all over the place, loving how all the volunteers are taking turns playing with him.

If only he knew how much they were talking about him too!

Everyone is killing themselves laughing, thoroughly enjoying the funny creature’s silly antics.

“He’s trying to say ‘Play with me… play with me…”, and “Oh my gosh, he’s like a big puppy dog or something!!!” Yup, one big puppy dog with lots of sharp quills and one heck of a personality!

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