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Precious grandparents who must be protected at all costs

Grandparents are the best secondary parents we could ever have.

They’re one of a kind, yet they share something similar with the rest – spoiling their grandchildren.

It’s even quite amazing how they go such great lengths just so they could relate with their grandchild or find some ways to get even closer to them.

These 50 grandparents are great examples.

Not only do they show how sweet they are, but they also show that they would do everything to make their grandchildren happy.

1. The “knitting program”

An 82-year old grandma got mad at her grandchild for not showing her the “knitting program.” Surely, none of us expected this.

This grandma really does have a unique perspective on technology.

2. Game nights are fun

It’s not fun playing video games alone.

If you have a grandma who has a way with a game controller, why not spend a night playing with her.

Who knows, she might also know how to throw banter to other kids playing the game.

3. My turn

Grandma had been taking his grandson out to watch Disney Pixar’s Toy Story ever since he was a little kid.

They already watched the first three in the series. Now that he’s all grown up, it was his turn to take her grandma to watch the 4th one.

4. Gift for her granddaughter

Grandma just knew about her daughter moving in with her boyfriend.

At Christmas, her gift was a maternal robe. She really wants to have her great-grandchildren.

5. Gramps loved it

Grandparents hosted a Thanksgiving party along with their little cousin’s birthday.

Everyone decorated the house with princess-themed decor. He hasn’t taken them off since.

6. Your wish is my command

Grandson joked at her grandma about wanting 100 things from the dollar store.

What he didn’t know was that his grandma took it as a challenge. He got what he wanted, all gifts wrapped in Christmas.

7. Surprise!

Grandson comes home from shopping only to see a lone nerf gun lying on his couch.

Suddenly he hears laughing from behind it. A second later, his grandma comes out issuing a nerf gun war on him. She’s 82.

8. Grandparents make your dreams come true

This little girl drew a picture of her dream dress and handed it to her grandma.

One day, she comes back with her grandma handing her over a gift.

Turns out it was her dream dress, made by her grandma.

9. No one shall pass

Grandma just did a Gandalf to protect his granddaughter from withdrawing on an ATM.

With a guard like this, no one would certainly get through.

All she needs is a long staff to make it much powerful.

10. Sticking to the traditional ways

This is the smartphone era and almost everything could be sent instantly as long as there’s the internet.

However, this grandma is still learning at her own pace.

This is her latest picture message she sent to her grandchild, although it took about 5-7 business days.

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