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Preschoolers light up the stage with super-cute “Jailhouse Rock” performance

You don’t have to be a fan of the King of Rock and Roll to know the title of his most iconic songs (which is a lot).

Among these is “Jailhouse Rock”, an instant hit that was also the lead single of the film with the same title.

Not long after the song’s release, it reached the top of the charts in America and other countries.

Interestingly enough, some characters mentioned in the song are actual people such as Shifty Henry and The Purple Mob.

The 1957 track earned a spot in Rolling Stone magazine’s list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

Moreover, it was also among 500 Songs That Shaped Rock and Roll as listed by The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Catchy and classic, it’s still loved by music enthusiasts and fans of all ages to this day.

In fact, it’s so popular that even four-year-olds know how to dance to it! Yes, that’s right.

Kids who you think prefer “Baby Shark” and other stereotypical tracks for the age group actually appreciate Elvis Presley. Pretty cool, huh?

These four-year-olds picked “Jailhouse Rock” for their audio backdrop in a school performance and as expected, everyone loved it.

They even wore the prison attire from the movie scene as their costumes!

Picture just how adorable that looks, four-year-olds dressed head to toe in black stripes.

The little boys had the most delightful step, too – from pointing left and right above their heads to wiggling their hips, it was just the cutest thing.

You also won’t be able to help but take notice of the kid in the back. Check out how seriously he takes his role!

More than just a dance number, the kids got creative, too. One performer ran on stage dressed as a police officer, shirt, cap, and all.

Cheered on by the audience, the tiny police officer starts acting as if he’s commanding the “convicts” to line up with their hands behind their heads.

That was their cue to start shaking their bums to the beat of the track once more, causing the audience to go wild.

True to his role, the kid dressed as a cop starts darting from side to side feigning frustration.

After some more wiggling, the kids began showing off their break dancing moves. What a unique choreography!

It ended just as adorably as it began, too.

They exited the stage by forming a conga line, led by the police officer.

You can guess what happened as they took their bows. The audience gave them a well-deserved standing ovation. Even online viewers couldn’t get enough of it!

The video of the performance actually garnered over a million views!

Kids really are the best. They have so much potential, they’re always brimming with ideas and creativity, and they have unparalleled confidence.

We’re lucky to be able to watch this dance number!

Press play and let these talented young ones make your day.

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