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Prison inmates put car-theft skills to good use rescuing baby locked in SUV

This is one of those strange moments in life where you thank God a car thief was around.

I can’t believe how fast they got that car unlocked.

As we face daily inconveniences, we find different kinds of heroes in our community.

We’ve written a lot of stories on how humans and animals alike saved other people’s lives.

Most of them are total strangers or are from people we least expect.

But this story is way beyond that, and it will make you feel hopeful that there’s always goodness in people.

A family in New Port Richey, Florida, went out on their SUV.

The parents strapped their 1-year-old child in the backseat, trying to ensure that they got everything before they all headed out.

Unfortunately, the parents accidentally locked their child inside.

As the father closed the back door, it was then when it hit him:

He threw the car keys in the front seat, locked the doors, only to realize they got no way to open the car with their 1-year-old trapped inside.

The parents didn’t mean for this to happen.

They tried to find ways to open the door, even trying to break the car window, but to no avail.

Luckily for them, a group of inmates were nearby and helped them out.

These inmates were repairing median strips nearby when they noticed the couple who looked frantic and worried. They rushed to them and learned about their predicament.

Nobody would ever want their child trapped inside, even if it’s just 58 degrees outside.

One of the inmates used an old ‘skill’ to help them: car theft.

He used a clothes hanger to unlock the car in under two minutes.

The couple was relieved that help went in their way, even in a kind that they least expected.

At that point, they were happy that some good Samaritans found a way to get their baby out, even if it meant breaking in their car.

Of course, they were supervised by a police deputy.

Sheriff Chris Nocco said that when the couple called their station for help, he realized that their team was near the couple’s location.

With their supervision and permission (and the couple’s, too!), the inmates used their ‘lock-picking skills’ to save the day.

He explained that the situation was a special case.

“These are people who made mistakes. We’re trying to rehabilitate them to get back to society,” he told ABC 7.

“Only when the deputies are around, we give them permission: ‘Can you break in that car?’,” he added.

The child shed some tears but wasn’t hurt at all.

The parents were thankful for the coincidence of that circumstance that they wanted to help the inmates in any way they could.

They asked for their identities to give a little something to their respective commissary accounts in the facility.

This is why it is important to give people second chances.

There’s always a chance for people to change and somehow be renewed, no matter how complex their past lives may have been.

When we give them a second chance, we also provide them with an opportunity to do something good, no matter how small.

And this is one story that makes us thankful for second chances.

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