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Professional dancers lead “Nitty Gritty” line dance

These guys and girls took the whole rocking the night away to a whole new level.

This was at the Rock That Swing Festival where the most talented dancers come to showcase their talents while at the same time just dance the night away with their friends.

Talk about a fun atmosphere. A bunch of guys and girls line up horizontally behind two really good looking dancers where they follow along to the steps, dancing to “The Nitty Gritty” by Shirley Ellis. And wow can they move.

They are Stephen Sayer and Chanzie Roettig.

He is dapper in his suit, she is lovely in her dress, and together they lead all the others to a dance so fun and so lively that even behind a computer screen you would want to join them.

Well why don’t you?

It’s a lot of funky footwork paired with awesome hip flexing making it look like they’re all springing off their feet to the beat of the song.

And that’s exactly the point of it all. Check them out!

Even if you don’t dance, you can’t deny that it’s a catchy song!

“But sooner or later baby, here’s a ditty
Say you’re gonna have to get right down to the real nitty gritty
Now let’s get right on down to the nitty gritty”

That Stephen’s got a few fancy moves for his followers too! For such a well built guy, he moves like he’s made of flexible rubber.

Those joints are unbelievable. And that smile on his face says it all.

Even Chanzie can’t help but laugh along to the dancing.

And you know everyone is having a blast with all those whooping and cheering.

It’s like they left all their worries back home and just let it all out with the dancing.

Life is a dance after all!

See, they are both dance instructors. Stephen has dedicated his life to preserving the great American jazz dances of the 1920’s to the 50’s.

He began dancing at the age of 16 and since then has won many titles with his partner, Chanzie herself.

Chandrae Roettig has a gymnastics background and as she got into dancing, she’s worked with big time choreographers with her work being featured in films and television.

Chanzie and Stephen were in the movie Gangster Squad.

They have so much energy!

After a good round of the nitty gritty, they pause and applaud each other, exchanging hugs and high fives with huge smiles on their faces. Such good music and fantastic dancers!

I suspect most of the applause were for Stephen and Chanzie, but hey, they absolutely deserved it!

More people gather behind this dazzling duo now and with their spirits high and the energy in the room about to explode, they go at it again with the same song and moves that proved so effective in bringing so much laughter in the room.

“What a friendly and joyful atmosphere, which has been created through natural and professional rhythm.”

Observed a viewer.

They go all out with this round and it seems to be livelier than the first time.

That’s what happens when boys and girls are riding high on a good time. They have no plans of stopping. Thank Stephen and Chanzie.

If you think you’ve got the nitty gritty then click on the video below and see how it’s done!

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