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Prom couples steal the floor to perform captivating “kaleidoscope” routine

This is amazing to watch. Just when I thought I knew what would come next the music changed and so did their steps.

While we’re all familliar with the concept of a prom, depending on where you’re from, the traditions might be a little different.

One school in Hungary has shown just how different it can be.

This school has an enviable ability to transform today’s teens into elegantly dressed dancing members of society.

Kecskeméti Református Gimnázium called all of the moms, dads, and who knows who else to come into the gymnasium and watch their finest students dance.

8 boys stepped out in sync with 8 girls onto the dance floor.

This video features a variety of dances executed to the music of that particular era.

It starts with the girls excitedly waiting on one side, whispering to each other while exchanging knowing smiles.

Blue and pink dresses, lovely hairstyles, and gorgeous makeup await the boys who in turn look exceedingly handsome in their tail suits.

A wonderful waltz starts off the evening’s festivities and it is mostly standard spins and twirls as they exchange places on the floor.

We can’t help but wonder about what the parents were thinking.

Gone are their awkward, emotional sons and daughters. For now.

Their synchronicity is off the charts for the average, impatient teen.

There’s no telling how many hours they had to log to get this just right.

This waltz alone brings you back to a time when people were so, well, formal.

No one’s tripped or stumbled so far.

Judging by the smile on their faces, the girls are loving every moment.

You know how every little girl has fantasies of becoming a princess because of Disney? Well, moments like these certainly help create that feeling.

It’s got that vibe of Bridgerton if you’re familiar with that Netflix series.

The ballroom dance eventually leads them to form a circle, dancing together in really smooth patterns that are borderline mesmerizing to watch.

Must have been hilarious during practice when they were trying to figure out who gets to carry whom.

Not everyone has the same strength after all. Dancing and twirling while carrying a woman in your arms is not a joke.

Once the ladies are brought back to their feet, however, everything shifts.

The music changes to a very upbeat, big band tune which has all eight couples shuffling and kicking their feet at a higher tempo.

It’s a stark contrast to the previous ballroom dance.

It’s now got these teens stepping left and right as quickly as they can on their toes.

And still, no one’s tripped. Amazing.

The swinging vibe shifted from old-time castles to post-war dance clubs real quick.

And yet they are still young men and women. Nothing makes an evening more special than that familiar feeling of romance.

Boys on one knee, girls encircling them all while their parents sit back and wonder how their kids will be ten years later.

From Bridgerton to the swinging sixties, and now to Twilight. Minus the sparkling vamps. Not the smoothest transition to a big finish but it was nearly nine minutes long.

And now you’re wondering if any of them are dating.

One thing is certain- this is not your average prom dance.

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