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Puppet starts flirting with young man in crowd and hilarity ensues

Darci Lynne is a singer and ventriloquist. She is sixteen and this Oklahoma native is the youngest contestant to win America’s Got Talent with her undeniable talent and sweet disposition.

It was at a 2014 pageant that Darci met International Teen titleholder, Laryssa Bonacquisti,a young ventriloquist who really inspired Lynne to try out the art herself.

On her tenth birthday, Darci’s parents got her her first puppet, Katie.

She has many puppets. Diva-esque rabbit Petunia, Oscar the mouse, country girl Katie, and this old lady named Edna Doorknocker.

Here’s Darci a year before her AGT performance with a video that’s gotten over 8.3 million views. Her name has been going around way before Simon Cowell and the others met her.

Edna is a sassy grandma who uses her years to her advantage and yet still enjoys the presence of men. Not even Simon Cowell was spared from the flirty old puppet!

Oh and she likes to sing!

Darci often introduces Edna with the word “old” to which the elderly puppet responds to with denial.

Much like this one but the moment Darci opens her case, stuff starts flying out because Edna was looking for her teeth.

“They were stuck on an apple.”

Answers Edna when Darci asked if she’d found them.

Doorknocker’s cane is off limits by the way!

Darci tells Edna to look out at all the people to which the senior puppet does after adjusting her eyes accordingly.

But Edna thinks Darci brought her to a nursing home! The old lady’s getting grumpy!

Darci’s talent doesn’t just consist in the fact that she can throw her voice.

It’s her reactions whenever her puppets give her attitude.

The young lady’s eyes look out at her audience with a knowing look and every once in awhile, Darci shows exasperation.

The topic goes to Edna’s age, clearly upsetting the old lady as she turns her head away from Darci.

Lynne looks appalled and quickly changes the subject, telling Edna to look at all the good looking men in the audience.

That worked!

Edna Doorknocker looks around and with her croaky old voice goes, “Ohh myyyyy…“. Priceless!

The flirty old puppet likes younger men. Much younger men.

Even Darci is shocked and tells her that the men aren’t interested given the fact that she’s so much more older. But Doorknocker doesn’t mind one bit!

“Edna! Don’t you be flirty! Don’t you know that kissing a man that young could be fatal?”

Here’s the puppet’s response.

“Well if he dies, he dies!”

The elderly puppet goes on justifying her flirting up until she channels DJ Doorknocker!

Edna sings a song to the tune of MC Hammer’s “You can’t touch this” but in reference to her cane.

It’s hilarious and once she’s done, turns to a man in the audience and says he can touch her cane anytime.

Darci is brilliant! She knows how to put on an act, when to pause and elicit reactions from her crowd.

No wonder she’s won in most competitions she’s joined! Plus, she sings better than most of us with her mouth closed.

Watch this young ventriloquist and her hilarious old puppet in the video below!

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