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Quick-witted 5-year-old steals the show from Luke Bryan

She may be young, but I bet she will never forget this moment.

Luke Bryan is a world-wide country superstar.

He has twenty-one number one singles and has performed to over 1.5 million fans. Luke has not let his success give himself a big ego though.

He is still dedicated to his fans that have given him his success.

At almost every concert Luke brings on stage an audience member to sing with him and those audience members are usually children.

Luke Bryan lets his littlest fans live out their dream by singing with him on stage. One of those fans was five-year-old Bella.

It was a moment she will never forget, likely anyone else in the audience either.

Luke was performing in Bristow, Virginia when he brought Bella on stage to sing with him.

This was not just any fan though, this five-year-old knew every word!

Bella was only supposed to sing a small part of “Kill The Lights” with Luke but when he realized she knew every word, he tells the band to play the whole song.

Luke states, “You know my music better than my five year old.”

The duo sing the entire song and Luke is loving it!

Little Bells wearing her blue top and pink cowboy boots even brought with her a sign she was carrying.

Little did Luke know that this little cherub was about to steal the show and win everyone’s heart in the crowd along with it.

The look on Luke’s face is priceless and you could tell he was really proud of her.

But the show must go on and they get back to singing their duet and give everyone in the audience a night they will remember.

And though Bella is so young, she had no fear in sharing the spotlight with one of her favorite stars.

But the best part of the show is he allows her to take center stage and become the star. They even throw in some dance moves and the crowd can’t get enough!

People fell in love with their performance and not only because it was so adorable but also to show just how dedicated some celebrities really are to their fans – no matter their age.

One fan wrote:

What a genuinely awesome guy Luke Bryan is. Nothing beats those country boys, they were certainly raised right.

While another said,

Just when I thought I couldn’t love Luke Bryan anymore! 💕💕💕💕😍

One of the cutest parts of the video is when Luke showed his Dad side and helped sweep Bella’s hair out of her face. Though it was a simple act, it meant a lot to his fans with one saying,

I love how he kept brushing her hair back, just like a Daddy would do. Luke sure does love his young fans.

It just goes to show that although Luke is a superstar, he still has a heart that’s down to earth and worth its weight in gold.

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