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Rescue kitten falls head over heels in love with Golden Retriever

We could all use a bit of pick-me-up moments. Grab your pets and a nice beverage. This is a friendship unlike any other.

Now it’s been seen many times and studied thoroughly that, yes, animals of different species can get along.

Never mind what the cartoons and the movies tell us, they can get along.

Doesn’t really matter what studies say because for us ordinary folk, as long as it’s cute and positively alarming, we’ll take it.

Take for example these two. It’s a Golden Retriever and his good friend, a cat. A canine and a feline who love each other to bits.

I know what you’re thinking. Cats and dogs cannot stand each other.

You’d be forgiven for thinking so seeing as that’s how media and entertainment presented that relationship to us.

And sure, some cats and dogs probably do hate each other, but some, maybe a lot more, end up as good friends surprisingly.

Look at this adorable Golden, carrying the cat in a basket. Talk about a trip in luxury!

Bath time in the tub? Yes indeed! The cat even prefers it on the dog’s big back!

And when it comes to an afternoon nap, why not share a space? They don’t need separate sleeping mats.

In fact, being together side by side is much much better. Did your hearts just go awww?

The cat even sleeps on the Golden’s head. Yup, you read that right!

Which follows then that these two share a lot of cuddles. You know, the warm, fluffy, fuzzy, type of cuddles. Wet noses one and all!

Seems like the cat can’t get enough of her big buddy. She’s always on his back or by his face.

Almost like a security blanket of sorts. The title says she’s a rescued cat which means that she did find comfort and security in her Golden friend.

These two unlikely duo have over a million views and some of the comments tell you how people feel,

“OK. This is just too much. The Golden who loves to have a kitty sleep on his head. The internet is done now. Finished. Nothing more to see.”

Looks like this person slept well that night. Here’s another one,

“All the best dogs are wearing cats this season.”

They most certainly do. The entire video is mostly the cat snuggled up to, on top of, or just close to her buddy. And did the dog mind? Not even close.

It even looks like the Golden prefers it that way.

To be honest, the cat stayed on the dog’s back so much she began to look like a backpack. Cutest backpack ever!

That common expression fighting like cats and dogs? Nah. Cats and dogs don’t really hate each other.

It’s more of a difference in natural personalities, instincts, and the way owners bring them up. They can get along just fine.

Dogs are naturally curious and playful while cats can be more timid and suspicious, but if owners do their jobs as parents right the rewards are just too cute.

Melt your heart too cute that is.

So press play below for a lot of adorable snuggles and cuddles!

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