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Rescued Dog Comes Back To Thank Doctor With Wags And Kisses

This is a feel-good story that starts tragically, but ends with an over-the-moon adorable video that is a cup of hot chocolate for the soul!

I can’t imagine the pain and suffering this poor pup had to endure to get to where he is today, but he’s still kicking and loving his new lease on life!

Smokey the dog (formerly known as Fen) was rescued after firefighters found him chained to a tree during a horrific fire in Jupiter, Florida.

It’s not clear how long he was chained to the tree, but his severe burns said enough.

Once firefighters were able to free him from his restraints, he was brought to the emergency vet to determine whether or not his life could be saved.

Jupiter Pet Emergency and Specialty Center (JPESC) said: “Fen was found tied to a tree in March 2017 with third-degree burns so severe that his leg was burned down to the bone.

After spending a lot of time with us at JPESC, constant care, hyperbaric oxygen treatments, and tender loving care, he was adopted by Dr. Katelyn Thomas.”

But it was Dr. Latimer who helped revive Smokey, giving him back his quality of life.

In this video, Smokey returns to the clinic to thank him.

It’s this really cute reunion during which Smokey literally cuddle-attacks Dr. Latimer, his tail wagging up a storm showing how happy and eternally grateful he is for the kind doctor’s help.

Smokey is beyond excited to be with the veterinarian and shower him with love and affection, wags and kisses galore!

Watch this short but sweet meeting between a really thankful dog and the beautiful soul who gave him a life worth living.

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