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Rescued Puppy Perks Up When She Sees Firefighter Who Saved Her

As a firefighter, Mike Thawley from Fire Station 14 in Sacramento, California “rescues” for a living.

He’s a first responder who runs willingly into burning buildings to save anyone inside, gives life-saving medical care after rushing to an accident scene, and helps to provide many services to his community.

Firefighters are definitely heroes, but not always in the typical ways that you might expect.

Of course, we all have a picture in our heads of a firefighter climbing an enormously long ladder to rescue a kitten from a tree.

I’m not sure how often this actually happens (most cats that climb up a tree can easily climb back down), but firefighters do rescue animals as well as people.

Mike discovered a tiny pit bull puppy, tied up, left outside in the cold rain.

She was clearly unwanted and abandoned; there was not a single person in the area who would lay claim to the sad puppy.

Not only was she cold, wet, and lonely, she was sick from mange and missing most of her hair.

Mike rescued her from her ordeal, taking her to Front Street Animal Shelter.

There, she was given proper medical care, warm clothes to cover her painful skin, food, and a comfortable place to sleep.

But, animal shelters can be lonely, and something was still missing.

The following day, Mike came back to visit his little friend, affectionately named Chunkie by the shelter staff.

When she saw her rescuer, the pup immediately perked up. She was so excited to see a friendly face, wagging her tail and delivering puppy kisses and cuddles.

In her little pink shirt designed to protect her skin, she happily followed her pal. But that’s not all. The firefighter hopes to foster Chunkie and give her a forever home.

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