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Research shows grandma and grandpa are more essential to children than we realized

Some say it takes a village to raise a child and when it comes to grandparents, that may be true.

Parents are always looking for the big secrets and tips on how they can help their children succeed.

As it turns out, one big secret isn’t really a surprise to anyone who’s ever had a loving and close relationship with their grandparents.

Grandparents provide extra support and guidance and help children better navigate this challenging world of ours.

But how do active grandparents help?

Children with active grandparents in their lives tend to grow up happier and healthier.

There are several great reasons for this. But rather than tell you, how about we show you by sharing lessons that grandparents can teach chidlren.

The following reasons range from life lessons to fun jokes and everything in between to show how important grandparents really are.

1. Unconditional and unstoppable love

Babies, children, and adults need love in their lives and grandparents have a lot to give.

The best part is there’s usually no strings attached for a grandparents love.

They just want to show kids that they care about them. Best part is, this love teaches children that it’s ok to share love with family and friends.

2. Today is a gift, that’s why it’s the present

Grandparents also teach children that time is precious. Given the comparative age differences, children can see and learn how important cherishing the moments can be. Grandparents know, better than anyone else, that stopping to enjoy the day is vital to being happy.

3. Grandparents get Involved

Grandparents were surveyed by AGA and 72% believe that “being a grandparent is the single most important and satisfying thing in their life.” Because of this, nearly 75% of grandparents are happy to get involved in what their grandchildren are doing, whether sports, cooking, or other activities. This helps children feel supported in their exploration and growth.

4. Grandparents pay attention to child needs

Have you noticed how often movies have big dinner scenes at ‘grandma’s house’? That’s because most grandparents look out for their grandchildren’s needs. Good food, warm company, and high spirits are just some of the wonderful things a visit to the grandparents can bring.

5. Grandparents are open to learning too

Children are more likely to be in a position to teach their grandparents new things. Anyone who’s ever taught a grandparent how to use new technology knows what we’re talking about. But this is important since it helps children feel willing to teach others and shows that their experiences matter.

6. Grandparents are also a peek into the past

For some children, you can’t get a better example of how things used to be, then you could when they talk to their grandparents.

Not only do they learn what were the big issues of the day, but they also learn about the fashions and styles of the time. Sometimes, children even bring back old styles and make them new again.

7. Grandparents make great mentors and role models

The best grandparents have the benefit of experience and a long life of hard-earned lessons under their belt.

So they know what it’s like to be happy and to live well with their neighbors in ways you just can’t get from otherwise.

Grandchildren are smart and will pay attention to what their grandparents do and will use the habits that work to develop their own great habits.

9. Grandparents learn to laugh

Failure and embarrassing situations are just a fact of life. Things like small mistakes on a handyman project or falling asleep on the couch with drool all over their face are experiences that grandparents can relate to.

But the important part is that they often know how to laugh at their mistakes. Because they can live life, they teach children that you don’t have to sweat the small stuff.

10. Grandparents provide stability

Let’s face it. The world is changing all the time. New technologies, new big world events, and new challenges that can quickly overwhelm young minds.

But grandparents provide just enough calm and stability to help a child make sense of the whole world. It gives them a safe retreat so they can reflect on what’s going on.

These aren’t the only reasons why Grandparents are important to children, but it’s enough to get started.

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