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Retired senior invites cameras inside the tiny teardrop trailer she lives in full-time

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Tiny home living is more popular than ever. But this woman’s 15-foot long trailer would be too small for almost anyone. Here’s how she’s made the space work.

Sharon had a long and successful career as a pharmacist.

When she retired, she knew she wanted to travel. So she looked up trailers that her Jeep Wrangler could easily pull.

Soon, she discovered a TAB trailer that weighed only 1,670 pounds. She realized she had to buy it and live in it permanently.

According to Sharon, the trailer is so lightweight that when it’s attached to her Jeep, she can barely feel its weight, unless she’s driving up a hill.

At first, it took Sharon a little while to adjust to living in such a small space. Luckily, she is short, meaning that she could stand up inside the trailer.

The trailer is powered with a 135-watt solar panel. But she can also plug the trailer in to an outlet. When she isn’t using the solar panels, they fold up into a case.

Even though the trailer is 15 feet long, three feet of that length form the tongue, so the living space is actually 12 feet long.

The tallest part of the trailer is five feet nine inches.

Sharon also bought a visor and an awning, letting her access the outside from the trailer more easily during bad weather.

To heat the trailer, Sharon has an inbuilt furnace and a separate propane heater.

To the right of the door is the kitchen area.

This has a two-burner stove; a sink; a fridge that runs on either propane, shore power or battery; a CD/DVD player/radio unit; and some cabinets.

She also has a portable stove that she uses to cook outside the trailer.

Next to the kitchen is the shower/toilet unit.

Deeper in to the trailer is a TV mounted above a window.

There’s also a ceiling fan and an AC Unit.

At the back is a twin size bed under some more cabinets. The bed also folds up into a sofa.

Next to the bed is a small seat that faces the TV.

Behind the main door is a screen door that slides into the trailer wall.

Three of the trailer’s windows open, allowing lots of fresh air to enter. The only window that doesn’t open is the small circular one on the door.

Like the door, these windows have sliding screens to keep bugs out. Additionally, they have shades that pull down.

The recommended price for a tiny TAB trailer is $21,000, but Sharon was able to get hers for the bargain price of $15,000 (plus tax.)

Sharon may live in a tiny space, but she believes that the ability to travel all over America and meet all different kinds of people is much better than living in a permanent home.

And Sharon has company all of the time, as she has two Chihuahuas who travel with her. They are all able to live in the trailer comfortably.

A video of Sharon’s trailer has become very popular on YouTube.

Would you ever be tempted to give up your home and travel around the country in a tiny trailer like Sharon?

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