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Roy Orbison Sings “Oh, Pretty Woman” In 60s Clip

The beauty of music is that the release of a successful song is responsible for inspiring the next generation of songwriters and musicians.

We can’t be where we are today without the music of the past. What would rock n roll, or anything we listen to on the radio today, sound like without the movers and shakers of the past? For decades, we’ve had some incredible artists break the mold and change the way we enjoy music. Roy Orbison was one of them.

The American singer, songwriter, and musician from Vernon, Texas, USA, was known to be a bit of a risk taker, rule breaker, and an all-around big hitmaker.

His powerful voice, catchy lyrics, and enticing melodies changed the landscape of the music biz, and his one song still stands strong even today!

“Oh, Pretty Woman” was written by Roy and Bill Dees, and released in August 1964.

It skyrocketed to the top of the charts and remains the shining pinnacle of the musician’s career, selling 7 million copies! The premise is simple.

The lyrics are about a man who spots a pretty woman walking down the street, and how much he longs to meet her.

He sings about how he hopes she turns his way and gives him the time of day, and at the end of the song, she does.

The video is footage from 1966 when Roy takes the stage on American Bandstand performing the iconic song.

He’s one cool looking cat with his sunglasses on indoors, slicked-back hair, and dapper looking collared shirt and blazer

He flawlessly rips through his mega-hit standing against a sparkly curtain in the background.

The footage is in black and white and totally vintage, but the song is still as catchy and colorful as ever!

The best part is when Roy makes his famous “purr” at the 1:20 mark and you know this guy means business.

In fact, this song was inspired by Roy’s wife, Claudette. When she was all done up and leaving the house to go out, Roy asked her if she needed any money.

The response came from Bill who interrupted and reminded Roy, “A pretty woman never needs any money.” Whether that’s true or not, Roy and Bill got to writing a very famous song, one that made the Rolling Stones’ top 500 Greatest Songs of all Time!

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