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School Bus Driver Holds Anxious Kindergartener’s Hand On First Day of School

We’ve all gone through some moments in life when we felt helpless and needed a hand to hold.

The first day of school is when a lot of dramas happen. It’s full of excitement and anxiety at the same time.

Amy Johnson decided to take pictures of her son’s first day of riding a school bus.

Axel was perfectly fine at first, Amy said. He only started to get anxious when he saw the approaching school bus that was about to take him to school – away from his mom.

Amy tried to talk her son into getting on the bus but he just clung tightly to her, so Isabel Lane, the bus driver, told Axel, “Buddy, you got this and will have so much fun.”

Even after Axel got convinced to get on the bus, Isabel still felt the boy’s worry. “I stuck my hand behind the seat as maybe something else to grab onto and he grabbed my hand,” said Isabel.

Isabel and Axel chatted all the way to school, and that’s how their friendship started.

Many people have been touched by Isabel’s excellence in her job. She doesn’t only play a part as a person who fetches students, but she also makes sure that they are having a great day.

“A big win for me is every morning I tell the kids as they get off to make it a good day and when I have a kid who I know doesn’t like to go to school say, ‘Yeah, I’ll try.’ It makes me feel good because they heard me and I hope it makes them feel like they can be heard.”

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