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Security camera captures street sweeper who can’t stop showing affection to a stray dog

Even though security cameras are usually placed to keep an eye on an area in case something goes wrong, there are times when security cameras actually capture something heartwarming instead, which was exactly the case here.

2020 hasn’t exactly been the best year ever, and for a lot of people, animals have played a very important role to make things better.

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic struck almost the entire world, a lot of people have found comfort in pets during quarantine and lockdown measures.

Working from home became pretty much the standard, and for a lot of people, loneliness at home was a very severe issue.

At the beginning of the lockdown period, the adoption rate at a lot of shelters skyrocketed, so that people would have a buddy to spend their days with.

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, over 600 people actually filed an application for animal foster programs in Los Angeles and New York City alone.

Unfortunately, this great news was also met with some very disappointing news just a few months after.

When the coronavirus stay-at-home orders were lifted and the majority of people had to commute to work again, there was a sudden rise in cases of abandoned or surrendered animals.

Shelters all across the country were starting to fill up again, and unfortunately, the number of strays on the streets started rising significantly as well.

Of course, not everyone can take care of an animal, but there’s no reason to disrespect stray animals or don’t show them any care and affection.

One street sweeper who was captured on a security camera didn’t only capture the heart of this stray dog, but the hearts of the entire internet too.

When this man came across a stray four-footer, they decided to hang out and have a little bit of fun.

These two befriended each other rather quickly and seemed to be getting along just fine!

Of course, this man was doing his job and didn’t have a lot of time to spend, but he made sure that this poor animal would have some joy in his day.

The man started sweeping his brush through the back of the stray dog, and judging by his reaction, he absolutely loves it!

The adorable pooch keeps laying on his back, exposing his entire tummy area.

This is a clear sign that he’s enjoying it, and that the man shouldn’t stop.

The street sweeper made sure to give this stray dog all the love and attention he deserved, even though they were complete strangers to each other.

Every dog out there wants some human interaction, and this stray pooch definitely got his share of that.

The heartwarming security footage went viral on Twitter when user Diego Maldonado posted it with the caption: “Who are you when nobody is watching?”

The tweet made rounds across the internet and was retweeted over ten thousand times.

“How beautiful! He knows that the person likes him, the dog feels and receives his love with affection,” one Twitter-used posted.

“There is still a beautiful person in this suffering world. This gives us a lesson in love,” another tweeted.

“That’s what this life is about, why can’t we be like that? Why are there people who mistreat dogs?“

This short clip has warmed hearts all over the internet, and can definitely restore your faith in humanity. What an awesome guy!

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