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Senior chihuahua gets his first bed after being saved from a puppy mill

Large-scale commercial breeding operations, puppy mills value profit over the well-being of the dogs that they breed.

The puppies produced are often sold to retailers and brokers for delivery to consumers.

Meanwhile, the parents of these dogs are kept in horrible conditions and discarded once they have served their purpose.

One special dog is proving that there is life after spending most of his existence in a puppy mill, and worst of all, he didn’t even have a bed to call his own.

Fortunately, that was about to change and his reaction is priceless.

Rescued from a puppy mill

The nine-year-old chihuahua was rescued from a puppy mill by National Mill Dog Rescue, which operates out of Peyton, Colorado.

The dog, named Freddie, was rescued along with 34 other dogs.

He had fathered countless litters of dogs, kept in a cage most of the time, never receiving the love that all dogs deserve.

Freddie comes out of his shell

Once he arrived at the shelter, Freddie was understandably very shy.

Before the shelter staff knew it, though Freddie began to come out of his shell.

“Life in a cage takes a heavy toll on dogs, both physically and emotionally,” Theresa Strader, founder of NMDR, told The Dodo.

“Many of our dogs require extensive rehabilitation before they are ready to become family members, [but] Freddie certainly has a resilient spirit.

He is a spunky little guy.”

Getting a bed

Soon, Strader decided it was time to give Freddie his first bed, his first.

As Freddie walks around the bed in a video, he has no idea what it is.

Before you know it, he climbs into the bed and makes himself at home.

Maybe he had always dreamed of having a bed and knew exactly what to do once he finally had one of his own?

The video ended up going viral on the rescue’s Facebook Page, getting over 107,000 views.

“Freddie loved his bed immediately,” Theresa said. “Other dogs can be more cautious and have no idea what a soft bed is for, but they learn very quickly.

Freddie snuggled in from the beginning, like he knew that this was just one of many perks he will experience [now].”

In search of a forever home

Soon, the shelter staff was looking for a new home for Freddie. This desire to adopt Freddie was fueled by the sweet video of Freddie enjoying his first bed ever.

For more on National Mill Dog Rescue, check out the organization’s Website.

For more of Freddie and his new bed, watch the video below.

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