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Senior Worker Who Walks 12 Miles To Go To Work Receives A New Car From Donors

Random acts of kindness serve as a reminder that there are still people who sincerely care about others.

Darlene Quinn is a 60-year-old FedEx worker who was shown great kindness by her coworkers.

Sadly, her car had broken down three months ago, and because of financial constraints, she wasn’t able to afford to repair it.

So She Walks

Because of her dedication to work, she decided to just walk 12 miles every day from work to her home, while a friend drives her to work every morning.

They Wanted To Help

Her coworker, Josh Lewis, and her boss offered to give her a ride home one day, and that’s when they understood her situation better.

Raising Funds

After that, Josh set up a GoFundMe account for Darlene to which a hundred people donated. Eventually, he was able to raise enough funds to buy a new car for his resilient coworker.

Big Surprise

After he had purchased a car for her, he invited Darlene to his office the following day to surprise her with the good news.

Her Reaction

Darlene was overwhelmed with joy when she learned about what Josh did. She couldn’t believe that a lot of people would help her.

A New Ride

Josh honored Darlene and her inspiring spirit. He told her, “You have inspired so many of us to do great things, about going to work and supporting ourselves, and do what we have to do.”

She’s Loved

In addition to her new car, two anonymous local businesses offered her free oil changes and tire services to make it easier for her to maintain her new ride.

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