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Seniors don’t hold back with “Let’s Twist Again” line dance

Do you know how to do the twist?

The ladies in this viral video certainly do.

They put on an epic performance where they did a line dance version of the classic twist and it brings back so many amazing memories.

It’s been over sixty years since the twist first emerged on the dance scene, yet it’s still just as much fun as ever.

The kids these days don’t know what they are missing.

The line dance performance was put on by eleven people, all of varying ages.

Most looked to be at least in their forties or older though.

While the majority of the dancers were women, there was one token man in the back that somehow made it into the mix.

We imagine that his wife must have dragged him along to dance class that day.

The whole thing was choreographed by Karen Tripp.

She chose one of the most popular songs for doing the twist — “Let’s Twist Again” by Chubby Checker.

It’s not too fast, but not too slow either.

It’s just speedy enough to give the dancers a slight challeng

The video description lists the routine they did as an “absolute beginner line dance”.

It might not have been incredibly complex, however, it certainly looked cool. It included 32 counts and 4 walls.

In line dancing, a wall refers to the direction that the dancers are facing and can range from one wall to four walls (front, back, left, and right).

The dancers in the video would slide to the left, slide to the right, clap, and then turn towards the next wall.

Of course, there was a lot of twisting involved as well.

If the group performed this dance on stage at one of the classic dance halls from the past, they would have easily stolen the spotlight.

That’s how smooth they all were!

Watching the video is like being transported to the past.

Pretty much no one knows how to do dances like these anymore.

The twist first became well-known around 1959 and reached its peak popularity in the early 1960s.

At the time, it was considered highly provocative — there is a lot of shaking of the hips and swinging arms involved.

Rock and roll was just starting to gain traction and the twist was an act of youthful rebellion.

However, by today’s standards, it is actually pretty tame.

If the critics from back then saw someone twerking or grinding like the modern performers do, they probably would have a heart attack.

Although, in our opinion, classic dances are definitely just as cool as the modern ones.

They are just very different.

It makes us want to try out the twist for ourselves.

It wouldn’t be that hard to learn really.

If you are stuck at home currently and have some time to kill, why not start practicing?

All of your friends will be so impressed next time you are at a party and start busting out moves from the 1960s. That much is guaranteed.

It seems that people online agree as well.

“This is the loveliest thing ever,” writes one viewer.

To date, the video of the line dance twist has been viewed close to a million times and has received thousands of likes.

Almost everyone thinks that what the ladies (and one guy) did with their line dance was pretty neat and we certainly agree.

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