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Siblings perform duet of Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli’s “The Prayer” at the sister’s wedding

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The young woman in this video, Anna Richey, says that she and her brother used to struggle to connect musically. That’s hard to believe when you see this video!

Joseph Gibbons and Anna Richey are a brother and sister who grew up in a musical family.

Their father was an aspiring rockstar until he sadly died just a few days before Anna’s birth.

Throughout their childhood, the kids aspired to also become successful musicians.

But their musical styles varied greatly. Joseph’s passion was opera singing, but Anna was a pop fan through and through.

However, both of them kept on following their dreams, and eventually, they discovered some music that complemented both of their styles.

But one song, in particular, united the siblings like no other.

Anna has said that the first time she heard Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion’s The Prayer, she knew that she and her brother would sing it at her wedding.

And when Anna met the man of her dreams, she realized that sooner rather than later, her dream would come true.

When Anna’s boyfriend proposed to her, she was so excited for the wedding.

One of the first things she did was ask Joseph to sing The Prayer with her at the reception.

Joseph was more than keen to do so, and the sibling duo got practicing.

The big day came. Anna and her husband were wed. Then it was time for the performance.

Joseph introduced the song with the following words “I love to sing opera.

She loves not to sing opera […] But something that’s similar is that we both love music, we both love all of our family. […] So this song that we’re doing we’ll dedicate to Anna and Trenton and their love.”

The pianist started playing the opening notes, and the crowd was eagerly anticipating the performance.

Anna opened with the line “I pray you’ll be all right.” Everyone in the audience could tell that Trenton was lucky to have married such an amazing singer.

But would her brother’s voice be a match?

Joseph opened the second verse. His singing style was very different to Anna’s.

But everyone could agree that this song let his vocal talent complement with his sister’s perfectly.

Anna’s husband was watching the entire perfomance.

It was clear that his wife and brother in law’s harmonizing was really affecting him! He was indeed very lucky to have married into such a talented family!

At the end of the song, everyone cheered! What a great display of familial love.

Anna Richey then uploaded the footage of the song to her YouTube channel, where it soon became very popular.

To date, the video has gained over 500,000 views. It also has more than 7,300 likes and 354 comments.

Anna and Joseph are clearly two incredible young artists. Their father would be very proud of them.

Anna and Trenton have since had a child of their own. The baby is sure to grow up in a loving home.

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