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Sisters pierce hearts with otherworldly version of “Arms of the Angel”

Sarah McLachlan’s hit “Angel” is instantly recognizable.

Released in 1997 on her sophomore album Resurfacing, it’s often mistitled “(In) The Arms of An Angel.”

The solemn tune was written in response to the loss of her friend and Smashing Pumpkins keyboardist Jonathan Melvoin following an overdose.

It has been covered dozens of times since its release not only for its beauty but its ability to show off a singer’s delicate vocals against the backdrop of just a piano and an upright bass.

But it’s also used as a song of mourning and is played often at memorial services to bring hope to families imagining their loved one being comforted.

Aside from REM’s “Everybody Hurts,” it’s the official song of feeling sad.

But when Lucy and Martha Thomas covered the song a few months ago, it felt a little less depressing.

In case you don’t know, 16-year-old Lucy Thomas was a semi-finalist on The Voice Kids in 2018 and has already released two albums since then.

You can find her songs and videos on her YouTube channel.

According to her website:

“After her appearance on the show, Lucy was immediately offered a recording contract by Cavendish Records resulting in her eagerly anticipated debut album Premiere which was released on 1st February 2019.

Since then Lucy’s worldwide following has continued to increase rapidly and in April 2020 she released her second album Encore.”

“Angel,” which she uploaded just a few weeks ago and already has over 115k views (and counting), is the second song in which she invited her 10-year-old sister Martha to join her for a duet.

She said the two are planing more recordings in the near future.

There’s no denying the elder Thomas’ talent – her voice is gorgeous and her control sounds close to perfect.

And her little sister is no slouch either!

Their voices meld perfectly with one another, which is something quite a few viewers commented on.

“I’m totally stunned as to the perfect tonal harmony between you two lovelies.

As the more advanced Lucy takes the lead and Martha follows resulting in nothing but pure enchantment as their gorgeous voices blend exquisitely.

Yes, that’s probably how an angelic embrace feels like… 🥰”

The bond between the two young ladies is evident throughout the clip as well, with Martha looking to Lucy for guidance.

“I love how her little sister looks into her eyes for strength and reassurance as they sing.

And the care in Lucy’s eyes when she returns her gaze. I don’t which I love more, their beautiful singing, or the beautiful love they have for each other!” remarked one viewer.

Fans are already eager to hear their second duet and it looks like Martha may have a singing career ahead of her as well.

It’s certainly a lovely rendition of the song and many people found it soothing to listen to in what are, arguably, not the best of times anywhere in the world.

Scroll down below to see the sisters beautifully sing “Angel.”

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