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Small donkey wants to be a Clydesdale, explains his case in video that has viewers in stitches

People all across the internet are drawing inspiration from this commercial. Do you feel for this donkey?

Everyone, at some point, has felt like it’s impossible to achieve their dreams. It’s a universal emotion.

Perhaps an exam seemed too hard. Perhaps everyone else seemed better at sports.

Perhaps you were a donkey who wanted to be a Clydesdale horse.

Unless you have a very unique worldview, that last point shouldn’t be relatable.

But millions of people online have related to it.

A donkey who wants to be a horse is the premise of an old Budweiser commercial that’s experiencing an unlikely renaissance online.

The commercial is old, but the message is timeless.

It opens with a carriage of powerful Clydesdale horses charging down a country road.

A voiceover talks about wanting to be one of those horses ever since they were born.

The angle then cuts to show the “person” giving the narration, a small donkey, looking on at the huge horses.

The donkey explains that for his entire life, he has been practicing the walking and pulling that the Clydesdales do.

Then the donkey reveals that he’s even tried adding hair extensions, of the kind that the Budweiser Clydesdales have, on his legs.

After that, the donkey walks in to be interviewed for his dream role.

Anyone who has ever interviewed for a position that they desperately want is able to relate to what the donkey is going through as he steps up to the interviewers.

Clydesdale horses are revealed to be the interviewers, who tower above the little donkey.

The horses all look the little donkey in the eye and ask “What makes you think you could be a Clydesdale, son?”

The music builds up for the donkey’s reply, and then it comes.

It’s a long, heavy whine that goes on for five whole seconds.

All of the Clydesdales are in awe at the guts of the donkey.

The shot then cuts to the group of Clydesdales marching along once again.

The camera tracks down to show that the little donkey is at the front of the group, pulling the carriage along with pride.

A YouTube user then uploaded it onto the site way back in January 2007, when YouTube was less than two years old. At first, the video didn’t get much attention.

But over the years, the commercial started getting noticed. Eventually, it went viral.

To date, the commercial has gained over 7.6 million views. It also has over 10,000 likes and 450 comments. People have been saying things like this:

The commercial is just like the donkey itself. At first, it was ignored in favor of bigger, flashier commercials. But over time, the people could see that this commercial had something that the others didn’t: heart.

So the next time someone puts you down, tells you you can’t do something or laughs at your dreams, remember the message of this Budweiser commercial.

If you focus on your goals and try your best, you’re sure to succeed! It may take a while for people to truly appreciate your talent, but they will eventually!

And if anyone thinks you’re stupid for taking inspiration from a donkey in a Budweiser commercial, ask them how they felt when they first heard about Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

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