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Son brings elderly parents into his basement and tells them its their new home

We take care of our children so that when we cannot take care of ourselves anymore, they’ll be there to lend a hand.

Taking care of those who took care of you is a privilege and this family celebrates that idea.

Schon and Jeannie Miller, a loving couple from Bremen, Ohio, moved their parents to tears when they presented them with a surprise.

Schon knew that when his parents reached 87, they will be needing all the help they can get. And he knew exactly what to do so they can meet those needs.

Bonnie and George are almost 90.

This meant that they are included in the age group where 40% of them need high levels of personal assistance.

These situations arise most importantly in their daily activities including bathing, dressing, eating, and even mobility.

Schon knew this. So as his parents grew older, he and his wife Jeannie began exploring options.

The first thing that came to mind was to find a home that came with an “in-law suite”.

These are dwellings, like a room or a one-bedroom apartment that are on the same property as the main house or is attached to the family home.

These dwellings provide elderly loved ones a place to stay comfortable while also being able to live close to their families.

When that option was not available, they also thought of sending them to a nursing home.

But that decision was the last thing he wanted for his parents.

He knew that Bonnie and George would love to live together. As years passed, they’ve grown to rely on each other for support – not only mentally and emotionally, but also physically.

Schon shared with Caters Clips:

“We had been talking about it with mum for a while because we knew they were leaning on each other with one good body and one good mind.”

Faced with these considerations, Schon and Jeannie decided to commit to a bold plan.

They blasted a hole in their basement and turned the entire place into a suite where his parents could live in.

They refurbished the place to have ample storage and a complete set of appliances so they can have everything they need. They have couches to entertain guests.

They even have a big TV set so for entertainment.

Even the bathroom was well-planned. Instead of the usual fixings, Schon and Jeannie placed handrails beside the toilet seat so their parents can relieve themselves independently.

They also used anti-slip rugs on the shower and other places where they might slip.

As they wheeled their mom into the “granny pad”, she broke down into tears.

While the place was beautiful and had complete amenities, she was also overwhelmed with the thought of living close to her son.

They pushed her wheelchair around to give her the tour of their new place, and all the while, she was crying happy tears.

As we grow older, we slowly lose the ability to live actively and independently. It’s the reality for the elderly.

But this transition won’t be as difficult knowing that their loving children are always willing to lend a hand and give them a place where they won’t have to live in loneliness.

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