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Sprightly nuns on lockdown in Irish monastery go viral with hilarious dance video

The pandemic brought out the good in people, even in the middle of a crisis.

Stories of kindness, unity, and hope spread throughout the world.

And with limited interaction in the outside world, we find most of these stories on the internet.

A simple photo or video can create a ripple of positivity.

That’s exactly what these dancing nuns are showing us!

The nuns of The Order of the Most Holy Redeemer or Redemptoristines went viral when they took on the Jerusalema Dance Challenge after the priests and brothers in their congregation challenged them. They did not disappoint.

They did it with so much grace and joy.

The dance challenge was started by the Angolan Group Fenónenos do Semba.

They danced to the gospel song written by record producer Master KG and vocalized by Nomcebo – both of South African descent.

They did their dance while eating without dropping their plates.

Isn’t it amazing?

The order believes that it is a “creative way to pray.” Indeed, it is.

The production came as a blessing, too.

The nuns were making icons for their Lenten project with the help of a Romanian videographer. He thought of helping them film and edit this phenomenal dance challenge.

Sister Lucy Conway told RTÉ News:

“We wanted to cheer people up. It’s been a tough time.”

You can see them in different formations in the corridors.

And inside the monastery, too.

And let’s not forget the monastery grounds, featuring the beautiful view of St. Alphonsus in Drumcondra.

You’ll see them dancing with their dogs, too!

Other nuns participated by gleefully clapping their hands to the song’s beat.

Sr Conway added:

“It’s built up our community and brought unity.”

Aside from the Redemptoristines, other groups that did the Jerusalema Dance Challenge were the An Garda Síochána, Dingle Coast Guard, and various nursing homes in the country.

Talk about unity!

A simple dance can genuinely uplift the spirits, especially that everyone is affected by the pandemic – including the monastery.

The congregation used to raise income by producing altar bread.

Since there were no masses due to Level 5 lockdown restrictions, they came up with other ways to supplement their income by knitting, making candles, and producing cards.

However, Sister Gabrielle Fox cleared that doing the dance challenge was not a gimmick.

“It was done as a prayer to uplift people’s spirits.”

The single dance challenge of praise and worship did wonders in shedding hope in such trying times. The feedback was overwhelming.

Sr. Conway shared to Irish Times how people’s reactions made them feel:

“Every email and every text have made me laugh and made me cry. This is coming from a group of sisters who are enclosed.”

The Redemptoristines are based in Dublin since 1859. They have limited interaction with the outside world as they devote their lives to prayer.

No wonder they were surprised how people responded to their viral feature.

The huge response means one thing: we can always uplift people’s spirits.

See how much joy the dance challenge brought the congregation below.

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