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Stubborn husky refuses to get out of bed, falls asleep cuddling toddler

There is nothing more beautiful than a new family all enjoying time together.

When two people become parents and then maybe adopt a pet or two… Is there anything more comforting than that?

Anyone who has ever seen a toddler play with a family puppy sure knows the feeling.

Now that we are all practicing social distancing, families are getting to spend some extra time together too.

While this can undoubtedly be difficult at times, it can also be really nice.

There are definitely sweet moments that come with it as well and they are so worth it.

While this family has been home, they have been getting up to lots of cuddling!

Just last week, on May 5, they uploaded the most adorable video of all time.

The video was so adorable, it naturally got up to 1.3 million views and thousands of likes. Yes, seriously — it is that cute.

At the beginning of the video, the big Husky is already laying in bed. She is under the covers and looking as snuggly as can be.

The toddler is super excited as he climbs up the stairs to go find the beloved pup in bed.

Then the video cuts to a too-cute-to-handle shot of the young boy in bed with the dog, who is licking his face lovingly.

It is important to note that the dog looks very relaxed.

They take a quick break from all the dog action so that the father and son can play a quick round of peek-a-boo together (spoiler alert: it is also very cute).

The little boy is loving it as he giggles and hides underneath his blanket and then pops out to surprise his dad.

The young boy finally gets his bottle of milk and the dog is intrigued. He leans over to smell the bottle and even reaches his paw out onto the baby’s shoulder.

Dad reaches his hand out to give the pup a little belly rub and then his son follows and also gives her a belly rub.

You can tell the dog loves it because when the little boy pulls away, she reaches out her paw like she is asking for more. It is so sweet!

The two go back and forth for quite some time — petting each other, playing with the milk bottle, and sharing lots of laughs and kisses.

At one point, the Husky even reaches her head over to rest on the baby’s shoulder.

It is pretty much the purest thing you will ever lay your eyes on.

That’s not even the cutest part though.

When the father finally decides that it is time for his son to get some rest, he tries to get the dog out of bed… Except that she won’t.

He tries calling her over and over again but she just won’t listen.

“Alright, you just stay there,” the dad says to the dog with a laugh before throwing the blanket over her body. Then he leaves.

When dad comes back, he has found the cutest vision of all time: The little boy and the Husky have fallen asleep together in bed. This pretty much looks like any parent’s dream sight.

The boy is fast asleep and the Husky is laying on his side like a human, looking right at the boy. It is almost like the dog is protecting him as he sleeps!

Then even the Husky falls asleep completely with his arm draped over the little boy. It is so pure and innocent, there is no way your heart won’t burst while watching this.

The two of them look so comfortable as they are fast asleep and we are so happy the father captured the magical moment. What an adorable little pair!

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