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Sweet dog from high-kill shelter has melts hearts realizing he’s been chosen for adoption

Animal shelters are over-flowing with pets that need love and care.

While others rush to find the perfect pure-bred from a breeder, there are millions of pets left at adoption kennels without a home.

Thankfully, adopting a pet has definitely gained popularity over the years so those furry friends can have the loving home they deserve.

When you watch this heartwarming video you’ll know why it’s much better to look into adoption shelters.

A precious pup named Benny was sitting at the Carson Animal Care Center in California for months and months.

After a while, things were looking pretty bleak for sweet Benny.

The animal shelter he was at was a high-kill shelter and he had been in there for quite a while. But that wasn’t going to be the end for this adorable dog.

Benny had finally been adopted by his loving owners but he could hardly believe it himself.

When the owners came to pick him up they recorded the entire moment.
You could see Benny hanging out in the back of his kennel wondering what the people at his cage were doing.

Benny was wagging anxiously as his soon-to-be owners tried to get him closer to let him out.

He stayed in the back of his kennel, trying so hard to contain his excitement.

Until finally, he crept closer and closer to the friendly faces so they could put a little rope leash around him.

Benny was very shy at first and tried to avoid the leash.

After a little bit, he felt more comfortable and let his loving owners place the red leash on him.

Benny was getting a second chance at life and he couldn’t have been more stoked.

As his new owners walked him out of the kennel, Benny litterally jumped for joy as he sniffed his other shelter mates along the way.

This pup was ecstatic to get out into the fresh air with new family.

Benny was doing all kinds of tricks and flips as strutted out of that shelter.

His new owners literally saved his life, which is absolutely amazing.

The adorable video is one to give you all the feels this holiday season.

In the US there are about 3.3 million dogs that are up for adoption.

All of those wagging tails are just left sitting and waiting for their forever home.

Sadly, over 670,000 shelter dogs are euthanized a year because of overfilled kennels.

That’s why if you’re thinking about a furry addition to your family, looking into adoption shelters would be the best way to go.

These precious pets are so full of love and life, there’s no reason not to check out your local shelter.

We’re so happy that Benny finally found his forever home.

His excited dance is easily the cutest thing we’ve seen all year.

It’s so amazing to see these once abandoned pups now have a safe place to wag for life.

You won’t want to miss this precious video of Benny jumping for joy when he gets adopted.

Watch the full video for a great big smile in your day

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