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Sweet special needs teen visits late mother’s grave to tell her “I did it. I graduated.”

Graduation is unquestionably an important milestone in any person’s life.

It is a day that recognizes years of hard work, sacrifices, and of course, achievement. Graduating is a big deal no matter what phase you are in life.

Whether it’s finishing elementary school or getting a Ph.D., it is a turning point worth celebrating.

And major moments like these are made even more meaningful when they are celebrated with people who are close and dear to us.

Unfortunately, not everyone can celebrate their graduation the way most graduates do– in the presence of the people most important to them.

For this teenage boy, he had to find a way to celebrate his graduation with the limitations that life has handed to him.

A teenage boy with special needs

This boy is not your ordinary graduating teenager. He is a special needs child. He just graduated and like any normal graduating student, he was excited as can be.

Graduating was a big accomplishment in his life. Furthermore, he knew he had to celebrate this proud moment with the person who gave him unconditional love all these years– his mother.

But there is a hitch

Unfortunately, there was one problem. This teenager’s mother couldn’t be there to witness her son’s walk up the stage.

No, she wasn’t caught up with work. Neither was she in another state and failed to catch a flight, nor was his mother too ill to leave the house.

Sad turn of events

The boy’s mother passed away before having the chance to see her son get his diploma.

But this didn’t stop the boy from celebrating this momentous occasion with his mother.

Though no longer physically present, he made sure to share this amazing time with the woman who was a significant part of his life. And he did not disappoint.

All dressed up and ready to go

Not only did he share this moment with his mother, he also pulled all the stops in order to do so.

Because he knew he was going to see mom, he made the extra effort to look his best for her.

This boy wore his finest outfit: slacks, a long sleeved collared shirt and a tie to finish the ensemble.

He was very eager to tell his mother that he finally made it and he looked dashing while delivering the news to her.

A beautiful bouquet of blooms

When it was time for this boy to go to his mom’s grave, he didn’t come empty handed.

This young man made his visit extra special by bringing a lovely bouquet of yellow flowers for her.

After all, there is no better way to tell a woman she’s special than giving her a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Sending a message for mom

And there’s more. He didn’t just leave the beautiful flowers by her gravestone.

He also took the time to talk to his mother.

This teenager tenderly told his mother about his recent academic accomplishment and more importantly, that he loves her.

Sharing a warm moment with mom

Sharing a wonderful milestone in your life with someone who is no longer with you can be a bittersweet moment for anyone.

This wasn’t easy for the teenage boy to do. But at the end of the day, he knew his mother had to be a part of this.

He looked happy and satisfied after visiting his mother in her gravesite.

And for any parent whether alive or departed, this is undeniably a very touching way for a child to honour a parent.

Leaving mom a sweet gift

After he was done talking to his mother, he left the flowers he brought at her tombstone.

At first, he didn’t know where to put them. But his companion gives him a little help by telling him where to place the bouquet.

He sets them down on her gravestone with a gentle motion.

A special kiss

He didn’t forget to show his mother some affection before leaving her gravesite.

He ends his visit by kissing his fingertips then touching her headstone.

Such a simple act that yields a gush of heartwarming emotions. Clearly this boy’s mother really means a lot to him.

Graduating with gratitude

Staying in school and finishing isn’t an easy task.

Most students will agree that they’ve had their fair share of challenges and difficulties.

This is even harder for someone with special needs and having to cope with the loss of a loving parent.

But this boy made it to the finish line against all odds.

Not only did this boy show us that he has grit, he also shows us that he has a grateful and loving heart.

Many people take their families for granted, especially when that family member is no longer around.

But in his own little way, he demonstrates to us that expressing your love to someone doesn’t have to stop when that person is gone.

Though someone has passed away, we can still keep their memory alive by sharing important (and even mundane) moments with them.

This video is so sweet that you just have to watch it. Warning: this video may cause watery eyes and tiny sniffles.

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