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Sweet toddler sings to giant horse, and the horse instantly falls in love

Pets are usually great with kids. We’ve all seen kids cuddling or playing with their dogs and cats.

There are also a lot of children who are fortunate enough to have a different kind of pet.

You can find all kinds of kids with horses if you scour the internet. Sure, some of them involving riding but others are just small children hanging out with a massive but gentle creature.

Learning respect

According to equestrian experts, horses help children learn about respect and compassion.

The more time children spend with these large animals the more they understand the animal’s needs. Soon, they develop real friendships.

Beautiful bond

If you’ve ever had the chance to watch a child interact with a horse, you understand what a special bond they form.

Between the two, there’s a mutual sense of trust, loyalty, and respect. It’s amazing to see.

A special relationship

Here is a video that proves this intimate relationship. It involves a three-year-old girl and her two horses.

It has been viewed more than 20,000 times and is expected to reach even higher numbers.

The young child wearing pink sits on a fencepost with one horse nestled up to her.

What is she doing?

She is petting a large brown horse while a smaller yellow one stands nearby.

Although it’s really windy outside, you can still hear her voice. She’s not talking but singing a song to her friends.

Completely at peace

With her small voice, she sings. As she goes on, you can see the brown horse becoming increasingly more relaxed.

If you look closely, you’ll even notice this massive creature closing his eyes. He’s loving every second of her performance.

Chester and Teddy

Those are the horses’ names. And as this little girl’s mom explained, “This is my 3-year-old Myf singing to her horses, Chester and Teddy.

She climbed up on an old strainer post while singing..”

They came to investigate

The mom continues, “The horses wandered up to investigate and ended up being serenaded to sleep.

Just a quiet winter afternoon after feeding the cattle. She’s an Aussie country girl who enjoys having her animals around her.”

The feeling is mutual

With one hand on Chester and the other on Teddy, she sings her heart out.

These horses trust this little girl. They know she’s their friend and that she loves just hanging around them. This is too adorable.

People had a lot to say

After watching this cute video, people began commenting. One poster had this to say, “Bravo, Bravo.

That was too sweet. Who in their right mind, would thumbs down this video?” Another person commented, “The horse is loving it.”

Best friends forever

This little girl has this much love and compassion for her horses now.

We can just imagine what their future will hold. Let us all give a shout out to the parents for teaching their daughter how to treat animals with respect.

This is the kind of video that makes you smile.

By the end of it, the big brown horse isn’t just close to the child but already has his head resting comfortably in her tiny lap.

Watch the video below!

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