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Sweetest little monkey tenderly comforts rescue parrot so dad can feed him

This is almost unbearably cute.

Bibi is a monkey with a little heart of gold and she does way more than just comfort her parrot friend.

She goes out of her way to give her everything she needs.

When a baby parrot found herself in the “Cat’s House” a sweet monkey named BiBi decided she would help the baby parrot feel more at home.

Being a monkey, BiBi is really good at grooming.

So, he decided to give the baby parrot a once-over to make sure she was nice and clean.

BiBi may be performing a grooming ritual.

You’ll find all different species of monkeys doing this ritual.

It involves them standing in a line and picking through each other’s hair for bugs.

Those bugs end up becoming snacks for the monkey doing the rooming.

“The grooming ritual so common in many primate species serves to both keep the monkeys healthy as well as reinforce social structures and bonds,” Science Magazine reports.

New research also shows monkeys may partake in this ritual to improve the insulation of their fur.

BiBi got right to work carefully picking through that bird’s fur. She was very careful to work around her feathers.

But BiBi didn’t find any good snacks so she ran off to climb up the wall and open the door to the room.

Bibio was looking for his daddy.

And went out into the backyard to look for him. But daddy wasn’t in the backyard.

Bibi came back inside and that’s where he found daddy.

But his attention soon turned back to the baby bird.

He ran back into the bird’s room to get his powdered food.

He dipped his hand in, took a taste, and ran off to bring the syringe and spoon to dad.

Apparently, BiBi thought it was time for the bird to eat and wanted dad to mix his powdered food so the baby bird could eat.

Dad obliged and mixed up the bird’s food and filled a syringe with it while BiBi sat next to the baby parrot.

BiBi stood right by the bird’s side while the baby bird ate.

He even gave him a few pets during the process.

The baby bird ate up every drop of her food.

She seemed really hungry. When the baby bird was all done eating, BiBi felt it was time for some cuddles and gave the baby bird a big hug.

The baby bird looked really happy to have a playmate.

The baby bird even let BiBi play around with her beak.

The video of these two playing together is so incredibly adorable that more than 66.4 million people have watched it.

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