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Talented Couple Performs Swing Dancing Routine

While other teens might invest their time and energy into their phones or hanging out, these two adolescents have sought out a more active way to spend their time.

After weeks of hours of disciplined training, this young couple is ready to show off their moves and wow the audience.

It’s like they stepped out of a music video and slid right onto the dance floor.

Ryan Boz and Alexis Garrish strapped on their dancing shoes and boogied their hearts out for the 2015 US Open Swing Dance Championships in Burbank, California. Both 15-years-old, they selected Walk The Moon’s radio chart-topper “Shut Up And Dance” as their competitive piece. And wow, did they ever blow their competition right out of the water!

With big smiles and slick choreography, Ryan and Alexis take up a lot of the dance floor not only with their moves but with their chemistry and connection.

What’s interesting to point out about this award-winning performance (yep, these two took home the first prize trophy, winning the highest West Coast Swing Honor possible in the young adult division) is their mix of all sorts of genres. Most notable is the style of West Coast Swing, characterized by a “rubber band” look as a result of an elastic-looking partner extension-compression connection (pushing, side passing, stepping, and passing) with plenty of room to improvise and inject other styles.

Alexis is a Varsity Pom Squad member with a background in tap, jazz, ballet and hip-hop, while Ryan has interest in hip-hop, shag and West Coast Swing. Together these two bring a lot to the table.

Their talent is unstoppable, and they’ve only been partnered up for a year before this performance! Ryan and Alexis are young, with a promising dancing career ahead of them.

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