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Talking Dog Panics When He Learns All The Treats Went To The Cat

Haven’t you always wondered how the world would turn out if animals could talk?

There is something special about a dad’s relationship with dogs.

They do not just treat them as children, but also their best friend.

A YouTube channel named “Talking Animals” is known for uploading videos of animals that are dubbed with what they are probably saying in a certain situation.

The video starts with the dog closely listening to what his owner is saying.

The owner starts to tell the dog that some of his favorite food in the fridge has all been eaten up.

When the owner tells the dog that he ate all the bacon and beef in the fridge, the dog hilariously groans in frustration.

As the video ends, the owner teases the dog about putting cheese on the chicken and giving it to the cat, to which the dog gives an outrageous response.

After knowing that the chicken goes to the cat, the dog went all out in expressing his frustration which funnily turns out to be super hilarious on cam.

People on the internet have been commenting on how they have viewed the video over and over again.

Catch the funny conversation between dad and dog in the video below.

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