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Tear-jerking Grandpa at Christmas earns 18.6M views

Two times a year companies release theatrical commercials.

The first time of the year is during the Super Bowl.

These commercials are usually funny and entertaining.

The second time of the year is during the Christmas holiday.

These commercials tend to be more emotional and heartwarming.

We might be weeks away from Christmas but the commercials have started.

One Polish company, Allegro, has released a Christmas commercial for the season that will pull on your heartstrings.

Allegro is a Polish e-commerce website where a person can order just about anything they need or want.

The man in the commercial has ordered a book that will help him learn English, “English for Beginners.” It is unclear why he wants to learn a new language.

He and his adorable canine companion are the only two shown living in his house.

He patiently waits for his package to arrive and when it does it is off to the races to learn as much English as possible.

The elderly man starts with the very basics. He speaks his new language to his adorable doggy that is with him during every step.

The man even starts to put post it notes of English words all around his house.

He even puts a post it note on the dog! The man repeats the basics multiple times.

He repeats, “I am, you are. He, she, it is.”

The commercial shows this man learning English at every available opportunity.

He is learning English on the bus, getting ready at the mirror, in the bath, watching television, when he is eating, and even while he is taking a nap.

The man orders another item from Allegro and this time he can say the item’s name in English. He ordered a suitcase.

It seems as if the man is ready to put his English to the test as he gets ready to travel.

Don’t worry about his adorable doggy, he gets a babysitter while the man takes his trip.

The man flies on a plane and arrives in the United Kingdom.

What is he doing there?

The man arrives at a front door. He is welcomed into the home with open arms and big hugs by a younger couple.

A small child appears within the house and seems to be a bit nervous.

The man sees the child and starts walking closer.

The man becomes very emotional before speaking his first words of English since he has arrived in the United Kingdom.

“Hi, I am your grandpa,” he says.

This adorable grandpa learned how to speak English to be able to communicate with his new grandchild.

This commercial was released for the holiday season and it still makes viewers emotional every year. Some viewers have commented,

“This is just about the sweetest language learning video I’ve ever seen. Hats off.”

“This advert hit me personally and its probably the only advert i’ll ever watch all over, it’s so good.

I shed a few tears, but it’s worth a watch. Merry Christmas to those celebrating and to those celebrating without a grandpa.”

“This is one of the best commercials I’ve seen. As a student of English language, I feel touched. This is what learning languages is about!”

Watch the heartwarming commercial right below.

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