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Teen dressed as Princess Elsa gives magical performance

Ice skating is such a graceful and elegant sport to watch.

However if you try to stick me on the ice, it’s more of a clumsy disaster, followed by plenty of bruises.

There’s no denying a figure skaters incredible ability to make balancing on ice while also on a thin sheet of steel look so effortless.

It’s mind-boggling to see how poised these athletes are when doing such intense tricks.

A professional figure skater named Gracie Gold is one to leave a whole crowd marveled by her skills.

Gold was one of the dazzling performers at Stars on Ice in Orando Florida and she stole the show with her performance to Disney’s ‘Let It Go’.

A song that most of us can’t seem to get out of our heads when we hear it.

This empowering song went so well with Gold’s elegant routine.

She hit the ice wearing a sparky baby blue costume resembling the famed Disney Queen Elsa.

When the music began, Gold glided across the ice as if she was floating.

Her theatrical stage presence went along with every lyric of the song.

It really felt like she was telling her own story as she soared and spun across the slippery stage.

Every one of her moves were executed with precision and grace.

Gold had the crowd cheering throughout her entire show and once you see it for yourself you’ll understand why!

Her astounding skill doesn’t go unnoticed as she does such thrilling moves with such a calm presence.

It’s truly mesmerizing to see Gold perform to the Frozen song so passionately.

Gold’s resemblance to Queen Elsa is uncanny and definitely had all the kids in the audience enchanted!

Gold’s skating career has been filled with triumphant highs and intense lows.

She started skating at just 8-years-old and became obsessed with the sport immediately.

She practiced and competed non-stop and it definitely paid off.

Gold went on to win 2 National titles and also won a bronze medal in the 2014 Olympics.

But underneath all of the sparkly uniforms and shiny awards, Gold revealed in 2017 that she had been struggling with a severe eating disorder, anxiety, and depression.

After so many years of keeping that part of her life a secret, she came clean and took a break from the skating world to go into treatment.

That’s where she was able to heal the wounds that had been adding up little by little over the years. She told the Guardian,

“It wasn’t just one thing, That’s where people don’t always fully understand at times.

They want it to be this happened, you got depressed and then this was the result.

It was perfect storm of a bunch of tiny things that added up so quickly.

My skating, my social [life], [my sister] Carly, my mom, dad, my body. Everything in my life lit itself on fire simultaneously.”

Gold’s inspirational story has put a new spotlight on the importance of mental health in sports and life.

While she underwent therapy and treatment, skating was the last thing that was on her mind.

She even thought she would never get on the ice again.

Until a kid’s coaching opportunity came to Gold and it had her back in the community.

A skating comeback would soon follow as she became healthier and healthier.

Gold’s debut following her treatment happened early this year at a Nationals competition, where she received her 3rd standing ovation.

Something she never thought she’d see again left her eyes filled with joyful tears.

Gold continues to be an inspiration on and off skates. You won’t want to miss her magical talent on the ice.

Watch her dazzling performance below!

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