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Teen is mortified when mom gets out of car and dances during traffic jam

All a parent has to do is exist in order to mortify their children most of the time.

Giving hugs and kisses, trying to be funny or cool, and certainly dancing and singing are all maximally humiliating to preteens and teens.

In January of 2019, Colorado mom Wendy Gossett, her teen daughter, and her 16-year-old son Nathan got stuck in traffic during a snowstorm.

“There were like 20 cars piled up on the side of the road. It looked like a zombie apocalypse,” Gossett told ABC Affiliate KMGH.

They were stranded on the interstate for 5 HOURS – and they were running out of things to do and talk about. Tensions were high.

“We were having the worst day ever,” the mom revealed to Inside Edition of their unexpectedly long trip to Pueblo.

At that point, you really have to do something to pass the time to keep your blood pressure down otherwise it’s easy to go crazy, especially if you’re in the car with teens who probably aren’t keen on passing the time having deep conversations.

With the radio on, Gossett decided that she simply couldn’t sit there anymore waiting for traffic to move; she had to get the blood flowing.

Then the Backstreet Boys’ 1997 hit “Everybody” came on. Singing loudly to her embarrassed son, she even took it one step further and added some dance moves.

So, basically the most embarrassing thing a mom can do.

And despite not knowing anyone around them, the teen was trying to bury his head in his hands.

“In my brain, I was trying to block it all out,” Nathan said in an interview (though he managed to say it with a smile).

With his fingers in his ears for added effect (just in case mom didn’t get the hint that he was not enjoying the show), he looked anywhere he could that wasn’t at his dancing mom.

She was even weaving in and out of cars with her energetic moves!

And it was a moment she wanted to be recorded for posterity – a job she asked Nathan to take on, but no dice.

“I saw her going out and starting to dance, and all the other drivers looking at her.

I’m like ‘please no, mom.’ She’s like, ‘record this.’ I’m like, ‘no,’” Nathan told ABC Denver after the video went viral worldwide.

Nathan’s sister ended up behind the camera to capture her mom’s dancing and her brother’s reaction.

While mom said she was just trying to make the best of a bad situation, her son simply couldn’t deal.

“I was like trying to respect that in my brain, but it just wasn’t working out for me,” he said, laughing.

But Gossett received messages from two of the Backstreet Boys themselves after it went viral on Facebook and then on Twitter.

But the parenting coach mom now says her son has now learned to make the best of what had been embarrassing at the time.

“Ironically I am a parenting specialist who teaches parents to ‘learn’ their kids by using temperament psychology. My son LOVES this now!” mom wrote on Twitter later that month.

We’re glad Nathan came around because he has one awesome mom.

Be sure to scroll down below to see the hilarious footage.

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