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Texas family holes up in car over 12 hours to keep dog warm while giving birth

Just last month, Magnolia, also known as Maggie, gave birth to seven adorable puppies.

But what she had to go through in order to do it will make you salute her for being such a brave mama dog.

Animal control found her roaming the streets of Fredericksburg, Texas.

Maggie was already pregnant, so they decided to surrender her to the Hill Country SPCA. There, she was given not only proper maternity care, but also a decent foster home.

Soon, Maggie was taken in by her foster family, the Morgans.

Aubrey, her new foster mom, immediately took notice of the dog as it’s so gentle towards her own young kids.

Turns out, it’s Aubrey’s first time fostering a pregnant dog.

She knew she had to be ready once the puppies wanted to come out. So, she did the necessary to equip herself while waiting for Maggie to give birth.

Aubrey told The Dodo:

“I had read so many resources, watched so many whelping YouTube videos, and collected hundreds of dollars worth of whelping and emergency supplies to have on hand. One thing I had read was the importance of puppies staying warm after being born. If they aren’t warm, they can’t digest food and will start fading.”

But as the family waits for Maggie’s big day, an unforeseen circumstance came which made them all worried.

A huge winter storm devastated Texas.

It put Texas in total chaos.

It left thick layers of ice all across the state, and some areas also experienced power outages.

Unfortunately, that included where the Morgans reside. It’s not ideal, especially that Maggie’s expecting anytime soon.

As fate would have it, right when the power went out, the mama dog showed signs of delivering her babies.

The family can only hope and pray for the power to be back. However, things started to become a “now or never” situation for them.

At 12:30 am, Maggie delivered the first pup.

Unfortunately, the power was still out, and the temperature was extremely low.

The puppies definitely would not survive if they’d be exposed to such a low temperature for a long time, especially right after birth.

“Our house was in the 50s and dropping (it was 1 degree outside that night),” Morgan said. “We moved her into our guest bathroom where we had the shower steaming to try and warm the room and my husband was boiling water to put into bags to also try and keep the room warm.”

They knew every tick of the clock was important but they’re running out of options.

What could they possibly do when there’s no power?

With no electricity running, making their house warm was impossible.

As Maggie was in the process of giving birth to the rest of her pups, Aubrey and her family tried their very best to give them warmth but it wasn’t enough.

Aubrey explained:

“After the fourth puppy was born, we realized, despite our efforts, the puppies were still too cold. That’s when my husband started preparing the car for Maggie and the puppies. Maggie had her last three puppies in the car. We first got them into the car around 2 am and stayed in there for about 12 hours.”

They need warmth for Maggie, her pups, and their entire family as well.

Keeping an eye on the new little pack inside the house while looking for something to make their house warm again was not an easy task.

Eventually, they found a generator but it wasn’t enough to warm the entire house.

They were left with no other choice than to stick with the car.

Thankfully, Maggie successfully delivered all her pups, and all of them were safe. They decided to leave their house and just come back once the power is back on.

“We didn’t want to drive since roads were dangerous but eventually decided it was our best option,” Morgan said. “So we moved our family of four, our three dogs, mama and her seven puppies 45 minutes to my parents house (who had electricity) and stayed there until Friday!”

Gladly, the power in their area came back on.

Mama dog gave birth to incredibly adorable seven pups.

They are Ash, Aster, Clover, Dahlia, Daisy, Poppy, and Rosie.

Maggie is one exceptional mama dog and she’s a natural.

Aubrey said:

“Maggie is so gentle. She’s extremely nurturing, not only to her puppies, but also to my 2 year old and 9 month old … It’s been amazing watching her become a mom. She’s a total natural with her puppies.”

The good news is that, by April, Maggie and her puppies will soon be available for adoption through the Hill Country SPCA.

Based on Aubrey Morgan’s TikTok account, it looks like mama Maggie and the rest of the pack of little pups are still under their foster care.

For anyone interested in adopting Maggie and her puppies, you may reach out to the Hill Country SPCA through their official website.

If you want to see more of Maggie and her pups, you may check Aubrey Morgan’s TikTok account.

See Maggie and the Morgans brave the snow and power outage to birth a litter of pups below!

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