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Thankful elephant salutes men after they help by rescuing baby stuck in a ditch

Humans and animals have a connection that goes back a long way.

Nowadays, it’s easy to forget that only a few generations ago our dependence and cooperation with animals was key to our survival.

Since we rarely see any “wildlife” around us, we don’t think about how connected we are with the world around us.

Of all the animals, elephants have a special place in our hearts.

Whether you are a kid or adult, elephants bring out a special kind of joy in us when we see them.

The lumbering giants hold a place in our hearts that few animals, save maybe dogs or cats, occupy.

It makes sense, too!

No wonder humans love elephants so much!

They are incredibly smart and are usually some of the most gentle creatures around, even though they have incredible power.

They also show off human-like behaviors, especially in the way they treat their babies.

Together, all of this helps to make a unique and ancient bond between us squishy humans and our massive gray neighbors.

Stories like this remind us of that connection.

Sometimes, a good reminder is what we need.

This video serves as a perfect reminder that we are never far from our animal friends, in spirit or in person.

In Kerala, India, a baby elephant was found in a ditch.

While playing around, the calf of one of the elephant mothers got too close to the edge of a deep ditch.

The inevitable finally happened, and the baby calf tumbled down into the deep, deep hole.

The entire herd of elephants immediately became frantic.

Thankfully, some humans nearby heard the commotion and came to investigate.

When the humans arrived on site, they knew they had to act fast.

Getting together a team, they got to work and came up with a plan to save the poor elephant.

The entire time the calf’s family could only watch and hope the humans had good intentions.

The crew came back with an earthmover and got to work.

With a long-armed backhoe, the men got to work.

Carefully reaching into the hole, they slowly scraped away at the sides to give the frantic calf some room to move.

After a few more tense moments, the mechanical arm finally came away and the dust cleared.

Looking down into the hole, the men saw there was finally enough room for the calf to put his feet down and gain some leverage!

Heaving himself up, the baby finally gets out of his dirt prison.

The family trumpets in joy as their little one is returned to them, whole and completely safe! As they turn to leave, something incredible happened.

The herd is on the edge of the river when the mother of the calf turns around.

Lifting her head and raising her trunk, she gives a visible thank you to the men who saved her little one’s life.

If there is one thing that we share with elephants, it’s that we want our little one safe!

Check out the video below!

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