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These adorable succulents look like they have bunny ears

Attention all succulents lovers – this unique succulent will make you want to collect it and show it off.

The pandemic has changed so much, and along with the “new normal,” we also have new trends and hobbies that will keep everyone sane.

People are still able to find new hobbies that are not only enjoyable but are also productive.

One of our favorites is the love for succulents.

Succulents have been around us for a long time already, however, they were just being ignored. You can even find them scattered around the Sahara desert, but now, they are everywhere!

People are going crazy with these tiny and adorable plants.

Succulents can be placed on your office table, window sills, kitchen counters, bathrooms, coffee stations, and even in bedrooms.

If you are looking for succulents, you can also simply search for them, and you’ll surely find someone selling near your area.

Reasons to love succulents

One of the main reasons why succulents are now well-loved by many is the fact that they are stunning!

They may be small but they are very stylish. No matter where you choose to put them, they will accentuate your home and office.

Another reason why they are trending is that succulents are the best plant choice for our hectic schedule. They can stay in dry places and are low maintenance.

They are beautiful, sophisticated, and low maintenance. Wouldn’t you love to start collecting succulents as well? What’s great is that succulents come in different types, shapes, and sizes!

That is why when you start collecting succulents, you just can’t stop!

It’s truly addicting and fun. Now, speaking of beautiful succulents, did you know that there’s this special succulent that people are talking about recently?

The potted bunnies

Meet the “bunny rabbit succulents” that are being loved by many and are currently trending for their unique and beautiful shape.

The scientific name for this special succulent is Monilaria moniliforme, and the reason why it’s called a bunny succulent is because of its shape.

It can grow up to 6 inches tall and when it first sprouts, these succulents will take the form of adorable and tiny bunny ears!

How cute is that?

As the Monilaria moniliforme grows, its base remains the same and the “ears” will grow longer, resembling rabbit ears.

Then, as it matures, the rabbit-like long ears will eventually bend due to their weight.

Then, its final stage will surprise you with beautiful and elegant white flowers.

Unique succulent

A little bit of trivia about this trending succulent.

Did you know that the bunny succulent remains inactive during the hot summer and it starts to grow and blossom between September to March?

During its dormant or inactive period, you might notice that it looks dried out or even dead – don’t think of throwing them away!

It’s just that their segmented branches have dried out and may appear to be dead.

Now, we move to the price. We all know you are excited to get one, right?

The bunny succulent isn’t that expensive it would only cost you around $3 per 10 seeds!

It’s definitely affordable and would be a great gift this coming Easter!

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