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This Father-Daughter Dance Caused Both Tears And Laughs

In some ways, the world is crazy big and diverse. You hear about countries that perform strange yet interesting rituals and you’re intrigued. At the same time, you realise that people worldwide have many things in common, such as love and celebrations. That means that, regardless of what country you’re in, you can be sure there will be an opportunity to let your hair down and enjoy an evening of fun.

One such tradition that is most common in Latin America but also celebrated widely in the US, is the quinceañera. This is a celebration for a daughter when she turns 15 years old and she will wear a beautiful, big and colourful dress.

At this event, the birthday girl will throw a big party and have a father-daughter dance. Usually, it is to a slow tempo song which causes the guests to feel happy and at ease. In this video however, a father and daughter decided to keep with the tradition only slightly and instead, spice things up a bit. This, of course, was a huge hit with the crowd.
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